September 13

Why Should You Make A Promotional Video?


Video marketing is a powerful way for businesses to capture the attention of their target audiences. Whether it's informational videos, entertaining product advertisements or behind-the-scenes peek into your business operations, video can be used in many different ways by companies big and small.


Builds Trust

Content marketing is built on trust and long-term connections. To entice them to come to you, provide people with fascinating and relevant information. But don't create anything just for the sake of it – instead focus your efforts on creating stuff that they'll enjoy, want to share or find interesting in some way.

There are a number of benefits to using video content. Video is used as an effective way to evoke emotion and increase brand awareness, especially for YouTubers that have large followings. If you're going to create any kind of social media marketing campaign or promotional materials, make sure they include some sort of visual element like videos.

Promotional videos are beneficial when it comes to establishing trust with customers. In fact, a series of consumer studies have concluded that online consumers find video marketing more trustworthy than written copy alone.

These days, most people prefer seeing rather than reading about products and services they intend on purchasing.


Boosts Conversions and Sales

With 74% of users purchasing a product after watching an explainer video, now is the time to start making them. They're not only beneficial for viewers but also increase conversions by 80%.

Videos can be used to describe products in detail and hold attention better than text or images alone. This makes it easier for potential customers to understand what they are getting when buying your brand's products/services.


Creates Excitement and Evokes Emotion

Video is an excellent tool for marketing because it not only educates potential customers about a product, but it also helps them visualize the service. With today's busy lifestyle, who has time to read lengthy descriptions or research services in depth?

The modern customer prefers video over anything else when researching products online - they want something that will catch their attention quickly and easily.

One of the main reasons why people are using more videos than ever before in content marketing is simply due to how much consumers prefer this medium.

Video marketing is a great tool to reach out and speak to multiple people with minimal effort. Video also has the ability of giving your brand an edge above the competition as it speaks directly to your potential customers.


What Makes a Promotional Video Successful?

You want to create videos that are easy for your viewers to watch and share with their friends. The content should be interesting enough while still giving them a reason to come back, so you'll need different strategies on each social media platform like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.


What Is The Best Way To Develop A Promotional Video?

As a beginner, it may seem daunting to make your own video. But don't worry. If you keep the following in mind as you create and produce one, then things should be smooth sailing.

What Is Your Goal For The Video?

Before you start filming a video, ask yourself why do I want to make one? Make sure that your goals are clear and defined. If it's expensive to produce videos, ensure the purpose is worth all of the hard work before writing any dialogue or scenes.

In order to make a quality video, it is best if you have one main objective. When there are too many objectives in your screenplay, the more complicated and confusing it will become for both yourself and your audience.

You might want to make more than one video if you have multiple objectives.
Once you've decided on your reasons for making a video, how can you make it happen?

Decide On Video Type

Here are some of the different types of videos to consider when you make your video:

  • Product-focused: Highlight what your product does best or introduce a new feature.
  • Testimonial : Hear from some happy customers about why they chose to use your product in their day-to-day life.
  • Endorsement : Watch celebrities talk about how great your product is.
  • Explanatory Video: A video that helps to explain how your product works. If you have a digital product, this could be a walkthrough of the software.
  • Live Action Video: In a live action film, real-life footage is combined with animation or special effects.

Decide On The Length

How long is this video going to be? You might wonder how you can know what the length of your video will be until you get it scripted. But it's important to set a time limit. If your video is too long and not focused, no one will want to watch it.

The more concise and focused your concept is, the better. Remember that a good short video should not be longer than one minute. If it starts going above this limit, you might as well go for something with less time constraints.

Making video ads can be tough, especially when you're uncertain how long they should be. You need to consider your objective, where the promo video will appear and budget constraints.

Write the Script

The next step of creating a film is to flesh out the elements that will comprise it. This includes knowing what your video is going to be about, how many scenes there are and where they'll take place.

 Create An Outline That Details Each Element

Once you have the concept outlined, now it's time to create a script. Break up your script into three to four paragraphs with each paragraph focusing on one specific aspect of the story/concept that was introduced in the previous paragraph(s). This way readers are constantly being engaged and not overwhelmed by an entire page or two worth of text at once.


How Long Should A Promo Video Be?

To determine the length of your video, it is important to consider who will be watching and where they will watch. Videos should typically last between 30 seconds and four minutes in order to best engage with viewers while maintaining interest.

Think about the video's purpose and your audience before you start editing. If it is an ad, 6 to 60 seconds for best results. If you are using it on a website or social media, you could add a little more time to it. Be sure that you choose the length carefully as engagement tends to be lower with longer videos.

While it may be tempting to make your promotional videos as long as possible, the truth is that shorter commercial-style formats are much more effective.

If you're trying to sell a product or service like major advertisers do, just think about the length of a commercial that you usually see on TV. Most of these are about 30 seconds long. Even 60 second videos could hinder engagement.

online app

Which App Is Best For Making Promo Videos?

There are a ton of video apps claiming that anyone can create high-quality videos with little prior experience and without pricey equipment, but is it really true?

We will go over some of the most popular apps designed to help anyone create professional-looking videos in no time.


Animoto is an online video creator that enables you to use a huge collection of images, songs, templates and fonts in order to produce promotional videos.

Animoto's video creator makes it really easy to create amazing videos. No editing experience necessary. You can drag and drop different images, music tracks, and text from their library into your final product. You can then easily download the video to publish where you'd like.

Animoto is free to use but will have the Animoto branding on your videos. The Professional plan is $15 per month. There is no Animoto branding on the videos and you can watermark them with your own logo. Professional Plus is only $39 per month and allows up to three users. You can resell the videos to your clients.


With Powtoon you can create animated explainer videos that are great for telling your brand's story. These types of videos work well for promoting items and brands alike.
Powtoon does a great job of making its dashboard easy to use.

They have an explainer video, product video, and even ad templates you can choose from depending on the type of marketing material you need. With full HD features on every plan- it's easy to create great looking promo videos with their state of the art software.

The free plan has Powtoon branding on the completed video. The Pro plan is $19 per month but you only get five premium exports per month and the videos can only be 10 minutes long. The Pro Plus allows for unlimited premium exports with a maximum length of 20 minutes per video. The Agency plan is $99 per month with unlimited exports, 30 minutes per video and 100 GB of storage.


Moovly has a drag and drop editor which allows you to create videos in a variety of styles. You can start with one of their ready-made video templates or start your project with a blank canvas. You can add voice-overs, generate subtitles automatically and apply stunning animations.

Moovly is a feature-rich and affordable promotional video creator for all businesses. Create great films for your business with its simple drag-and-drop video maker.

Undoubtedly, its automatic video creation feature allows your organization to develop its own template and utilize it to make films for your brand daily. The Video Automator may send customised films to your consumers based on their data (email list).

With Moovly you can start for free. The Pro plan starts at $24.92/month if paid annually, otherwise it's $49 per month with 25 downloads per month. The Max plan is $49.92 per month if you pay annually or $99 per month if using the monthly payment feature. This includes 50 downloads per month, text to speech, subtitles and priority custom support.


Animaker makes it easy to produce animated videos. These are great for advertising as they're engaging and memorable, especially when combined with live-action video footage.

Animaker's interface is simple enough that just about anyone can use it without much trouble—you simply click on what you want the characters or objects to do then drop them into place in your scene using a drag-and-drop technique similar to PowerPoint presentations.

This is a fun way to make your videos more interesting. This software lets you create unique, personalized characters for promotional materials. You can even give them different outfits and facial expressions so that they really stand out when they appear in the video.

Pricing starts at $20 per month that gives you HD quality videos with five downloads per month and the ability to create five custom characters.

They have a Starter plan for $35 per month with 10 downloads per month with HD quality. You can create 15 custom characters. The Pro plan starts at $79 per month with 20 downloads at 2K quality. You can create 30 custom characters on this plan. The Enterprise plan is for anyone needing more with custom pricing.

cost of making video

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Promotional Video?

The cost of a professional promotional video can range from $3,000 to over $200K. But why is there such a huge range in the pricing?

The same way that you would want a high quality house, it's important to consider the construction of your video. Do you need something simple (a hut) or extravagant? How much are you willing to spend on this production and how will this influence who watches your video? Budgets vary significantly, as do the differences in ROI.


Best Practices

A promotional video is not just a way to sell products or services; it is also a way to tell a story. Below are a few points to keep in mind if this is of interest to you:

  • Keep it short and to the point. One minute is the sweet spot for a promotional video. It is likely that your prospects will be overwhelmed and bored if it's too long.
  • Tell a story. They aren't interested in what you offer. They want to know how your product will benefit them. You can use this to create a promotional movie that shows consumers how your products can help them.
  • Be sure to use the right tone. Be sure that you understand just who you are talking to.
  • Research your target audience fully to set the correct tone. By using the proper tone, you can make them feel at ease, and they will remember much more of what you say.

Whether you need a promo video, an informational piece on how your product works or to show off the latest and greatest behind-the-scenes action at your company headquarters, video marketing for small business can be used in many different ways by companies big and small.

The tips we’ve provided should help get you started thinking about what kind of video will work best for your needs.