January 6

Vimeo Review – Why I Choose Vimeo To Host My Videos


Vimeo is an online video hosting platform designed for people who prefer high quality content over what is trending.

From short films and documentaries to in-depth informative pieces, Vimeo offers a range of high-quality tools and functions for video marketing and on-site customizations.

While YouTube is a direct competitor and relatively more addicting and easier to use, Vimeo has more premium features, and is a better option for proprietary content. This Vimeo review details on why Vimeo Pro is an optimal choice for your video hosting. 

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How Vimeo Pro is Better Than YouTube?

If you want exposure for your videos, YouTube is a great option. It is free and more accessible, making it perfect for your videos. However, if you are looking for proprietary and premium video hosting, Vimeo certainly takes the bat.

YouTube also offers some privacy features; however, they are not as great. Vimeo guards your content and makes hosting hassle free. While the former is more suitable for trending, readily available videos, the latter is optimal for paid or protected content.

Vimeo Pro comes packed with a range of features that make it stand out of its market alternatives. 

Privacy Settings For Each Video

Vimeo gives you full control over your content allowing you to configure privacy settings for each video. You can decide the audience for your content and select if you want it to be available to the public.

Further, you can also decide if you want to password protect it or make it accessible only through a private link. Embed settings can also be customized and limited to certain websites.

Default Settings For Every Video

While per video privacy settings are pretty great, sometimes it can be a hassle to configure them for every upload. Especially if you want to select the same features for all your videos. Vimeo offers a default option that is automatically applied to all your uploaded videos.

Adding Or Removing Branding

Vimeo Pro gives you rights to use your own branding. You can select a logo of your own to appear on the video or select a no branding option. Further, you can also create thumbnails from a video frame easily.

Vimeo Pro also gives you the option to add or remove sharing buttons, embedding options and overlays from other videos.

Dropbox Integration

Another great feature offered by Vimeo Pro is its third-party integrations. The Dropbox integration allows you to directly upload a video to the platform from your Dropbox account. You can also do this with Google Drive.

Every video on your third-party account can become visible on Vimeo instantly, removing the hassle of downloading videos first and then uploading them.

Ability To Easily Replace Videos

You can also easily replace videos with a different version – while using the same URL. Clicking the “replace video” button will prompt you to an upload screen. Just upload the new video and voila!

The new video will appear everywhere you have embedded the video. Further, the process is also easy and hassle free.

Customizable Embed Settings

Similar to the privacy settings, you can also customize embed settings for each video. The controls appear on the screen and allow you to choose the buttons to view on the video player.

Through a simple toggle switch, you can select what functions to display. These include speed controls, volume controls, share button and much more. You can also select and specify what websites to display your videos on.

Organizational Features

The platform also offers easy to use organizational features that can help you compile and organize your video collection. You can create folders and albums to allow for easy navigation. The videos are also easier to work with, especially if you are working on different projects.

Generous Upload Limits

Vimeo Pro offers generous weekly upload limits. It allows you to upload 20GB of videos every week, and usually the quota does not run out, unless you are a power user.

Even with 10-15 weekly uploads, the limit is not reached. In case you need more space, there is an option to upgrade as well.

Advanced Stats For Key Insights

You can also get advanced stats to get an insight into your audience and your overall engagement scores. This feature can particularly come in handy to improve your content to better fit the audience’s preferences.

Publish To Social Media

Vimeo also allows you to publish your videos directly to social media. Simply connect your social media accounts – Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and you are good to go.

Areas Where Improvements May Be Needed

Undoubtedly, Vimeo is a great platform for your video hosting. However, there are certain features that need improvements. This Vimeo review also provides insights into the functionality that could use some upgrades.

Piracy Protection Should Be More Extensive

While the current piracy measures are pretty great, they should be improved to prevent unauthorized downloads and sharing. Setting a limit on the number of shares and downloads can be a good solution.

Analytics Are Sometimes Difficult To Understand

The analytics are not very friendly. They are more style oriented. For instance, the way the information is presented is not very appealing.

Organization For Bigger Accounts Is Not Easy

While Vimeo allow you to organize your videos into folders and albums, this can be a big hassle for bigger accounts, with hundreds of videos. Having to scroll over tons of videos to get to the desired one can be time consuming and frustrating.

It Does Not Work In Every Country

Lastly, Vimeo videos do not work in all regions. This can become a big hassle especially if you shift to another location and are unable to access your own content.


Vimeo Pro comes with an affordable price tag, especially given the features it offers. Although, in comparison to YouTube, which is free, the price tag might seem unappealing, the functionality is definitely worth it.

The membership costs $20 per month and is billed annually. This is 5 times less than what Wistia – another video hosting service, charges for the same features.

Vimeo Pro offers:

  • 20GB per week storage
  • Customizable privacy
  • 3 users
  • Advanced embedding options
  • Video engagement graphs
  • Custom call to action
  • Publish to social media

There are plan upgrades available that you can choose according to your requirements as well.

Pros And Cons


  • Great privacy features
  • Customizable embed settings
  • Easy to use
  • Plans are very affordable
  • Third party integrations


  • Does not work in all locations  
  • Does not have comprehensive editing features
  • Customer support is not that great  


Overall, Vimeo is a great video hosting solution that offers a range of features for hassle free uploading and hosting.

According to several other online Vimeo reviews, the service is not only easy to use but also very efficient. Vimeo offers great customizations that are not available in most of its market competitors. 

It is also extremely affordable. Particularly, in comparison to YouTube, the privacy features offered by Vimeo are significantly better and more advanced.

If you are someone who wants to upload premium content, for example course videos, Vimeo is definitely a good option.