November 19, 2020

Five Reasons To Use Video Marketing For Your Small Business

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Video marketing is growing by the day because many people prefer it to other forms of marketing. Research has shown that many customers are paying attention to it and taking actions based on video marketing messages they see.

Why Use Video Marketing?

From the positive results we are seeing, the effects of this marketing strategy aren't going to stop any time soon.

Despite its large success, some business owners do not engage in video marketing due to the high cost of creating a video or the erroneous belief that no one will pay attention to their video. They don't think it is a worthwhile investment, but they couldn't be more wrong. 

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Great Return on Investment

One of the best reasons you should invest in adding video to your marketing strategy is because it promises a great return on your investment. Many people do not believe in video marketing ROI because they haven't tried it or seen the results. However, available statistics show that the return far outweighs the investment.

The cost of creating a video is also a reason why some business owners don't want to darken the doors of video marketing. But do you know that creating videos is not as expensive as you think it is?

With the advanced technology today, anyone can easily create a video with video creation software in just a few minutes. If you want to make your video more attractive, several apps are available to make your video exceptional and improve its quality.

However, you might not need to worry too much about having professional video shots and quality, as many consumers are not worried about the quality but the message of your video.

According to research, the primary thing that entices customers into watching video is to get tangible information about the product. The quality, design, and style do not determine the success of a video as consumers do not pay much attention to them.

As long as the video is of good-enough quality and relevant information is addressed in the video, getting the desired results becomes easy.

Video also gives you a great return on investment because getting the video across to the right audience costs very little.

You don't have to purchase video spots and the highest cost you will incur is placing your advert on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. Even though you spend some money for this, there is a high likelihood of getting multiple returns.

To reduce costs, you can create a YouTube channel for your videos, promote the videos on your website, or upload the videos directly.

You can also create a Facebook page or Instagram business profile and post your videos here for free. With this, you get to share your videos and send it across to the right audience at no cost!

So you see, the ROI is exceptional regardless of what you have to spend in achieving the process!

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Videos Build Trust

As a business owner, building trust is crucial to get your customers to engage with your brand and products. Customers prefer to patronize sellers who assure them of the best service during and after the sale.

They also want to have an assurance that the product they wish to purchase is of high-quality, and the seller is willing to offer them the best service. These factors drive sales, and you can put them in video marketing to gain the trust of your customers.

Studies have shown that 57 percent of consumers get more confidence in a product when they watch videos, which help them to trust the company to give them what they want.

This trust comes from the fact that videos engage audiences and it ignites their emotion towards making a buying decision.

How does this happen? Take the various YouTube channels, for example. Many people are still making a good living out of creating videos. They achieve this by familiarizing themselves with their audience and relating to them appropriately.

They work on fostering good relationships and trust in their audience and make them feel understood. A good YouTuber will also engage the comments and questions that customers and prospects leave under their videos. At this point, the audience begins to feel that they're creating a relationship with the YouTuber and begin to trust them.

Building trust by using videos is a business strategy that many local business owners underestimate because they are not aware of its many advantages.

They can build relationships by engaging with their audience online, thereby fostering trust. This method of creating relationships will be highly beneficial to businesses that can leverage it. 

Videos Helps Explain the Product Better

Many business owners are not aware that some customers do not end up buying their products because they do not have a good understanding of how the product works.

Even when the product has numerous benefits, the inability of the maker or seller to convey its importance can be responsible for low sales. If a consumer doesn't understand how much he stands to gain from a product, he will not use it.

One of the best ways to increase sales and deal with this problem is by creating a video that offers a detailed explanation of how the product works.

These videos are referred to as tutorials or explainer videos. They are usually short, but the customers can learn the key ways a service or product works within a short time.

This explanation will increase sales as the customers will be more convinced about investing in the product. In the end, the business gets more profit and records growth.

If you're still not convinced about the effectiveness of video, consider the fact that 45 percent of businesses that use video marketing have explainer videos on their homepage.

Eighty-three percent of business owners also confirm the effectiveness of explainer videos and how it helps them drive sales.

Aside from businesses testifying to the effectiveness of videos, consumers have also confirmed it. For instance, 98 percent of those who have watched explainer videos state that they do so to learn more about the product or service.

In the end, 74 percent of those who watch these videos end up buying the product featured in the video. These statistics show that many benefits come with using video content marketing.

However, if you want to create an explainer video for your business, you should exhaustively discuss and explain details of the product or service, as this is the only way to get the desired results.

Because products and services vary, explaining how some products work might be difficult. In such a case, using animated videos is the best as this will help get the information across without hassle.

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Consumers Prefer Videos

Before the emergence of video content marketing, text marketing was the primary means of marketing products and services. Many businesses focused on writing articles and publishing them on popular platforms to reach their audience and get them to take action.

Right now, articles are no longer as effective as before, although we cannot belittle their contributions to marketing. Customers will read content, no doubt, but they love videos more. So, video content marketing is more important in marketing today.

Marketing by video is vital to business success for numerous reasons. Many people prefer it because it is a much more effective way of communicating with an audience, unlike written text.

Watching a video takes only a few minutes, while a written text may take a lot of time. Many people also prefer videos because they can easily understand a product without reading a long text.

People are busy today and they want to make their purchasing decision within two minutes of watching a video.

Videos also appeal to a wider audience and help businesses make a profit faster than any other form of marketing. A study shows that 68 percent of consumers prefer watching short explainer videos or animated videos than reading a long text that will take minutes.

Even when the text contains everything explained in the video, many people still prefer watching the videos. Aside from the fact that watching videos makes it much faster and easier to understand a product or service, many users find it interesting.
For instance, most of these videos contain background music that makes them engaging to watch.

For best results, businesses should avoid focusing on the viewing aspect alone but on listening too. So, playing music in the background of explainer videos will make a video more interesting to an audience.

Avoiding the use of monotone in a video during an explanation is crucial because many consumers might find it boring.

Videos Can Increase Conversions and Sales

Increasing conversions and driving sales is another compelling reason businesses should start including video content marketing into their advertising strategies.

In fact, this is the most important reason because driving sales and making a profit is the goal of all businesses.

If any business wants to use videos in their marketing strategy, the first thing that comes to mind is how to convert and increase their client base. If it doesn't give them the conversion they need, there will be no point investing their time and money into it.

Videos also increase the engagement of audiences on a website. For instance, people that watch videos before buying a product stay on a website or page two times as long as those that do not watch videos.

Also, people tend to retain the information gotten from a video long after watching it compared to when they only read pages of text.

Many business owners also know that their marketing efforts will pay off only when they can get their audience's full attention and gain their trust for a long time.

Videos also increase conversions and sales because of their likelihood of going viral. Interesting videos or those that appeal to many audiences are usually shared continuously, thereby increasing sales.

On the other hand, texts do not go viral because many people find images and videos more appealing today, and it is difficult to share text.

When people find engaging video adverts, they will want to share it with the people they know. When these people share it too, the cycle continues. Such a video is likely to lead to more conversions and increase sales.

Even though there are many reasons to embrace video marketing, increasing conversions is the most important reason many businesses release new video content.

We promised to give you reasons why you should take advantage of video content marketing. This type of marketing can be a dream-come-true for many business owners.

So, what are you waiting for? Start leveraging video now to reap these benefits for your business!