January 27

The Best AI SEO Tools For Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs


"AI SEO has become a necessity. Any marketer ignoring it will be left behind."

Content marketing has come a long way since the early days of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Back then, researching keywords took tons of time to discover what words to use. In addition, Google Analytics was a fledgling tool, and most businesses needed an SEO strategy.

These days, things are much different. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI), we now have access to powerful tools that can help them optimize their websites for search engines and human readers.

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With a variety of options available, it can be difficult to find the one that best suits your needs - but fear not! Here at ScottHall.co, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of some of the top AI SEO tools on offer this year – and many of them we use as well. This allows us to provide you with an invaluable roadmap towards success like a beacon in the darkness.

Much as navigating uncharted waters requires knowledge of how to use maps and compasses, having access to the right set of tools is essential if you want to make sure your business stays afloat in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized marketing for small businesses and particularly, search engine optimization (SEO), allowing companies across all industries to leverage its potential in order to maximize their online visibility and reach their target audience.

But with so many different AI SEO tools out there, understanding which ones work best can seem daunting – almost as if trying to choose from an endless sea of stars without any guidance!

After extensive research into these powerful technologies, we have compiled a list featuring some of the most reliable AI SEO Tools currently available – arming you with everything you need to know about them before deciding which one is right for you.

So grab your compass and join us as we embark on this journey together – let's see where it takes us!

What Is Artificial Intelligence?


Humans have been dreaming of Artificial Intelligence (AI) since ancient times. From the myth of Hephaestus, the Greek god of technology who created a mechanical servant for himself, to modern day science fiction films, AI has always had a place in our imagination.

Today, what was once part of our wildest dreams is becoming reality with machine learning, neural networks and deep learning algorithms that are revolutionizing many aspects of life – including SEO.

As we enter 2023, AI-powered SEO tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated with new features being developed all the time. A good example is Google’s BERT algorithm which allows machines to “understand” natural language queries better than ever before.

This means that websites can be optimized quickly and accurately so they rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, by using AI-driven analytics tools such as sentiment analysis marketers can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

The use of these powerful technologies offers numerous advantages over traditional SEO methods like keyword research or link building; not only do they provide greater accuracy but they also save businesses both time and money.

Taking advantage of this cutting-edge technology could very well give your business an edge over competitors in today's competitive market… by allowing you to focus your time and resources on other areas of your business.

Monkeys Disallowed

human input

As you read this article, remember that while AI has become key to improving SEO, it doesn't replace human intelligence. Countless SEO sites claim to do almost all the work for you, but it takes more than a push of a button to gain a wider audience, and even the best SEO marketers can only sometimes predict how a blog post will rank on search engines.

Even with AI SEO, a monkey can't write your blog post for you. Frankly, neither can humans who are indifferent to their content efforts. Cutting and pasting won't cut it. Content authors must use their instincts, hearts, and souls to capitalize fully on AI.

To gain Google's attraction, avoid looking or sounding like everyone else on the web. Instead, make your online presence worthwhile and be as original and engaging as possible.

It's also more important than ever to ensure you're using original content. Of course, plagiarism is a no-no—it always has been and always will be. It's stealing. But even rewriting content doesn't swing it if it reads nearly the same as everywhere else.

Do you ever get tired of researching something only to uncover countless articles that all say the same thing, only slightly different from one another? That's inferior AI SEO in action, and that sort of redundancy is important to keep in mind—avoid it no matter what.

If your visitors might need to search again to find the deeper insights they crave, you're not doing your job. And Google doesn't like it when you're not doing your job. So these days, Google will ensure you won't rank as high in search engine results, and good for Google! Readers deserve high-quality content.

Ask yourself, "Am I adding value? Have I given the reader new actionable insights? Do I care about what I'm saying?" If the answer is no, it's time to use more effective SEO techniques.

Those who offer fresh facts and use innovative content creation will win. Therefore, focusing on honesty and high-quality content is essential.

That said, data-driven content created with the help of AI SEO tools is a must to boost your search engine results. So, while AI SEO tools may not be able to replace human intelligence completely, and while some tools can produce inferior results if used the wrong way, they are still a necessity to improve your ranking and returns.

This article will list the best-in-class AI-powered SEO tools to get your juices flowing and inspire creativity so you can optimize your site with AI-inspired brilliance.

Why Use AI SEO-Powered Marketing Tools?

why use seo ai tools

Why use AI-powered marketing tools? Well, why not! As we move forward into 2023 and beyond, AI-powered marketing tools are becoming more and more popular. After all, who doesn’t want high quality content with the best user experience possible? So here's why you should jump on the bandwagon:

First off, these powerful tools can help you use SEO that will make your website stand out from the competition. By using AI powered software, you won't have to worry about manually optimizing each page or post for search engines - it'll do all the hard work for you. Plus, thanks to its advanced algorithms, results will be much faster than if done by a human staffer.

Second of all, AI-powered tools offer great scalability when compared to traditional SEO techniques. This means that regardless of how big or small your business is, the same powerful toolset applies across the board – no matter what industry you're targeting.

Finally, since most of these services come with their own analytics features built-in, data-driven decisions can be made quickly and easily without needing any extra input from other departments.

So there you have it; three compelling reasons to get on board with AI-powered marketing solutions this year! No longer do you need to rely on outdated methods such as keyword stuffing or link building – now everything is automated and tailored specifically according to your needs. Ready to join the revolution? Let's see what else is going on...

Will AI Replace SEO?

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It seems like everywhere you turn these days, everyone is asking the same question: will AI replace SEO? It's a fair enough query to ask in this day and age. After all, if AI can do everything else why not SEO too? Well, let us take a look at what an AI-powered assistant could bring to the table when it comes to SEO content optimization.

We know that machines are getting smarter by the minute with advanced machine learning algorithms. And now we have Frase AI for SEO which promises to deliver intelligent insights into your content marketing efforts.

The intelligence behind Frase AI allows businesses to optimize their website content according to search engine rankings with greater accuracy than ever before. This means that users of the tool will get more organic traffic from better ranking pages as well as improved customer engagement.

Furthermore, Frase AI goes beyond traditional keyword research techniques by utilizing natural language processing (NLP) technology for analyzing phrases and concepts related to key words used in web pages or articles.

This makes sure that any written material created through its use has been optimized correctly both linguistically and semantically so that each piece of content offers maximum value for readers while still being tailored specifically towards achieving desired results on SERPs.

Additionally, using artificial intelligence in SEO content optimization also helps ensure accurate targeting of specific keywords and phrases within web pages - something which no manual effort can achieve!

All these features make AI powered tools perfect for taking care of all aspects related to optimizing digital content for best search engine performance today and tomorrow.

How Does AI Work In SEO Content Optimization?

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As digital marketing continues to evolve, so too does search engine optimization (SEO). AI-based SEO tools are becoming increasingly popular with marketers who want to stay ahead of the competition.

It's no secret that machine learning techniques can be used to optimize content for maximum visibility in organic search results. But how exactly do these powerful tools work?

AI-powered technology is able to understand and interpret natural language, making it easier for a computer program or tool to evaluate the relevance of web pages and other types of content on the internet.

With this information, an AI based SEO tool can help you identify which keywords and topics should be included in your website's content to ensure optimal performance within Google's algorithm.

What’s more, some software also has features such as automated link building and site auditing capabilities, providing users with even greater control over their online presence. Here are three key advantages of using an AI-based SEO tool:

  1. Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques: By leveraging machine learning algorithms, AI-based SEO tools can improve keyword targeting accuracy by up to 80%. This helps businesses effectively target relevant audiences while simultaneously boosting their rankings on SERPs.
  2. Content Optimization Tool: An AI powered content optimization tool like Frase IO can provide valuable insights into what type of content works best for each topic covered on a website. This makes it easy to create optimized pages that will rank higher in search engines quickly and efficiently.
  3. Automation Features: Many AI SEO tools come equipped with automation features such as automatically generating meta descriptions and titles based on user inputted keywords—saving time from having to manually write page elements individually.

From improved targeting accuracy to automated page element generation, there is no doubting the power of Artificial Intelligence when it comes to optimizing websites for organic searches.

As exciting as these advances have been however, picking out the right AI SEO tool for your business requires careful consideration given its complexity and importance in driving successful outcomes..

How To Choose The Right AI SEO Tool For Your Business?

the best seo ai tool search

When it comes to choosing the right AI SEO tool for your business, there are a few important factors that you should consider. From search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to marketing tactics, having the best all-in-one SEO tool can make or break your success. Here’s a list to help:

The first thing to look at when investing in an AI SEO Tool is its features. Does it provide enough powerful search engine optimization capabilities? Are you able to customize and refine your website's content with ease? Can you track and measure progress effectively over time?

These questions will give you insight into what type of solution will be most effective for your online presence. Furthermore, if the tool offers automated suggestions based on customer data or industry trends, this could be invaluable - allowing you to adapt quickly in a constantly changing environment.

You'll also need to determine whether the AI SEO Tool integrates well with other platforms such as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This way, you'll have access to advanced insights while still being able to carry out activities within those networks seamlessly.

Additionally, look out for any additional costs associated with ongoing maintenance and updates; some vendors may charge extra fees for these services which can add up overtime. With the right research and due diligence, selecting an appropriate AI SEO Tool for your business doesn't have to be difficult!

Choosing the perfect AI SEO tool can seem daunting but with careful consideration of both current needs and future plans, businesses can find solutions that will improve their visibility across multiple channels.

From optimizing existing webpages and tracking visitor engagement metrics, to developing more sophisticated campaigns leveraging machine learning algorithms - modern digital marketing requires reliable technology partners who understand how to optimize performance without sacrificing security or privacy concerns.

What Are The Best AI SEO Tools?


As businesses strive for success in the digital world, AI SEO tools are becoming more and more necessary. Take Amazon for example- they use AI technology to optimize their content marketing strategy and increase their website traffic.

So what exactly are the best AI SEO tools? Well, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to optimizing your content for search engine rankings. Here is a list of 4 key features you should look for:

  • SEO Content Optimization – You'll need an efficient content optimization tool that can analyze your webpages and provide feedback on how you can improve them to rank higher in SERPs.
  • Content Development – A great AI SEO tool will help you create new high-quality content planning based on keyword research and audience preferences.
  • Analytics – You'll also want a tool that helps you track analytics so that you can measure the performance of your campaigns over time.
  • Content Writing Tool – Finally, consider investing in an automated writing assistant which can help speed up the process of creating engaging copy quickly and efficiently.

Investing in one or all of these solutions will ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition while giving your customers an experience worth remembering! With proper implementation and maintenance, these powerful AI SEO tools can help take your business reach new heights - all with minimal effort from you!


We've all been there. You're scrolling through your feed and see yet another article that looks eerily similar to something you just read. Or you're writing the articles and stuck in a rut, unsure how to make your work stand out from the rest.

Frase.io offers an easy-to-use platform to help you create content that is not only compelling and original but also optimized for search engines.

There are many reasons to choose Frase.io for SEO and content writing, but the most important one is that frase.io has a team of experienced professionals who know how to get the job done right.

With years of experience in the SEO and content writing industries, the team at frase.io has a deep understanding of how to generate traffic and improve your website's visibility in search engines.

In addition, Frase.io offers a wide range of services that can help you with all aspects of your online presence, from social media marketing to email marketing, and it's a great research tool.

Because Frase searches for the top 20 Google results (and ensures they're high-quality content), you can put your finger on the information you need in minutes.

For example, we typed in the current date and "Today's news from Washington, DC." Frase then returned a detailed list of news articles and posts to review—much faster than if we searched ourselves.

We also like how Frase keeps a close eye on Google algorithms. They monitor changes and updates to ensure their clients' websites remain relevant.

Overall, Frase.io is an effective solution for optimizing your website’s content quickly and efficiently without having to invest too much time or money into manual labor.

Whether you're a large enterprise or small business looking to gain more visibility online, Frase provides everything you need for successful SEO campaigns without sacrificing quality or performance. 

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is another full-feature SEO suite specializing in content creation, analysis, and optimization. In addition, they offer site auditing and specialize in content creation, scoring, and more.

Their auditing tool is amazing – analyzing and providing insight into how to edit and optimize previous content and content length. This includes keywords, domain referrals, NPS sentiment, page speed, meta tags, and more.

Surfer is also useful for discovering which keywords to add to your content to increase relevancy and boost your page ranking. It’ll even show you which ones you’re missing.

Most Surfer features can be fully automatized to save more of your working hours for the things humans can do better than machines.

Surfer also has a new product called Grow Flow. If you're like most content marketers, you're always looking for ways to improve your strategy. You want to get more eyeballs on your articles, and you want those readers to stick around and engage with your content. But it can be challenging to know where to start.

That's where Grow Flow comes in. Grow Flow is a new product from Surfer that uses data from Google Search Console to analyze your content strategy and identify areas for improvement.

From there, it provides actionable recommendations for increasing visibility and engagement. In other words, it's like having a content marketing consultant in your pocket.

It’s been said that “content is king,” and Surfer makes sure that content reigns supreme by helping you find ways to improve it.


Outranking.io is an SEO tool that offers users a unique and powerful way to improve their search engine rankings. Using a proprietary algorithm, Outranking.io analyzes a website's backlink profile and compares it to the backlink profiles of the top-ranked sites for that keyword.

If there are deficiencies in the user's backlink profile, Outranking.io will provide recommendations on how to build authority and improve ranking.

Outranking.io also offers other features, including competitor analysis and keyword research. While there are similar tools on the market, Outranking.io stands out from the competition by providing accurate and actionable insights that can help users dramatically improve their search engine ranking.


RankIQ is a tool that helps you rank better in Google. You can use it to find out what keywords you're missing, how well your competitors are doing, and even see what people are searching for around your niche.

Here are some of the key features of RankIQ:

  • Top Keywords By Niche Keyword Library - This feature lets you know exactly where you stand compared to your competition. What keywords are bringing in traffic, and which ones aren't?
  • SEO Reports - These reports show how well your site ranks for specific keywords. They'll tell you whether you're getting enough traffic and if there are any problems with your rankings.
  • Blog Post Analysis Tool - If you want to check out how others in your industry are performing, this tool gives you access to thousands of blog posts across multiple niches.
  • Check Google Rankings - Are you losing traffic because of poor rankings? Find out with this handy tool.


MarketMuse is a content planning and optimization tool that helps creators and marketers optimize their content using AI, trend data, SEO strategies, and predictions. In addition, the software helps users research, plan, and create optimized content to improve organic search ranking and reach more readers.

MarketMuse offers content strategy, research, creation, optimization, and analysis tools from one platform.

You can access powerful AI and machine learning technologies to measure your content's ranking potential. Receive personalized difficulty scores for topics and smart suggestions from their natural language generation (NLG) engine.

The NLG engine goes beyond keyword optimization, providing writers with comprehensive briefs of what they need to do to maximize SEO effectiveness. It also analyzes published texts against a vast corpus of data on any given topic, offering unparalleled insight into how best to create engaging long-form pieces.

The MarketMuse team has worked extensively in the digital marketing industry since 2013. They have helped hundreds of companies across industries such as e-commerce, finance, healthcare, technology, travel, and education. Their clients include Fortune 500 brands like IBM, AT&T, and Microsoft.

AI Marketing Is The Future

future of marketing

AI SEO is the future of online marketing, and those who don't implement it will be left behind.

Now, more than ever, keeping your content fresh and original is imperative.

Using the latest technology to improve your website's search engine ranking, you can stay ahead of your competition and ensure that your customers find you first.

Did you learn a few things? We hope so! We care about helping you improve your business and wish you well in everything you do.

TIP: If you want your business to succeed in 2023 and beyond, consider investing time into developing an AI marketing strategy as soon as possible! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Use AI SEO Tools?

An old adage goes, 'the best things in life are free', and although this is not necessarily true for AI SEO tools, the cost of their use is surprisingly reasonable. 

When considering how much an AI SEO tool costs to use, there must first be an understanding of what types of services they provide. For example, a good AI SEO tool will help monitor website analytics and optimize content so as to increase online visibility by improving ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

With such capabilities at hand, businesses can rest assured knowing they're getting bang-for-their-buck when investing in an AI SEO tool.

The cost of using an AI SEO Tool depends on various factors including the size of your business, level of sophistication you require from them and even the type of service provided by them.

Generally speaking however, prices range anywhere between $50 - $150 per month depending on which solution you choose with some more sophisticated solutions costing up to $800 monthly.

Although expensive for small businesses or individuals just starting out, many providers also offer discounts or packages for those looking to save money while still benefiting from the features offered by quality AI SEO Tools.

No matter what budget restrictions may exist, there’s always something out there that fits each individual’s needs – making sure everyone gets a chance to benefit from this amazing technology.

How Do AI SEO Tools Differ From Traditional SEO Tools?

A new era of SEO has arrived - one driven by the power of Artificial Intelligence. AI SEO tools are revolutionizing traditional search engine optimization, offering powerful insights and a deeper level of analysis that can help businesses get to the top of their game quicker than ever before. Symbolically speaking, these tools open up a world of possibilities for those who want to maximize their online visibility.

One key way in which AI SEO differs from traditional SEO is its ability to detect patterns in user behavior. Traditional methods rely heavily on manual input, meaning that any changes made will take time to be reflected in results.

With AI-driven techniques, however, algorithms can identify trends faster and make more accurate predictions about how users interact with your website or content. This means that you have access to much more detailed information which can be used to refine campaigns quickly and efficiently.

In addition, an AI system can learn over time as it analyzes data, allowing it to become smarter and better at delivering great results each day.

TIP: When using an AI SEO tool, don't forget about the importance of human input too!

This isn't a replacement for the expertise of experienced marketers - rather, it's an invaluable supplement that helps them make decisions based on real-time data and trends.

By combining both man-made marketing strategies and automated processes powered by AI technology, you'll be able to create successful campaigns that drive tangible business results.

Do AI SEO Tools Require Any Special Training Or Technical Know-How?

The first thing to understand about AI SEO is that it does not require any expertise or knowledge of coding languages - instead, it harnesses the power of machine learning algorithms to automatically optimize content for search engine results pages (SERPs).

This means anyone can use AI SEO tools without having to learn complicated programming techniques. In addition, since these tools often take care of tedious tasks such as keyword research and link building, businesses can focus on other aspects of their operations while still achieving good SERP rankings.

However, although AI SEO doesn't demand specialized skills, there are certain areas where some basic understanding may be beneficial in order to get the most out of its capabilities.

For example, knowing how search engines work and what factors influence ranking positions can help when setting up campaigns using an AI tool – this ensures you’re targeting the right keywords and optimizing your website appropriately.

Ultimately though, with modern day AI providing intelligent automation options, even those with no prior experience will find it easy to start using these powerful resources quickly!

How Can AI SEO Tools Help Improve Website Performance?

When it comes to website performance, there's no denying the potential of AI SEO tools. With their ability to quickly analyze data and find patterns in large datasets, these powerful tools can give your site a major boost when used correctly. But what exactly can they do for you?

AI SEO tools can help improve website performance by providing insights into user behavior and search engine algorithms.

By analyzing user queries, clicks, page views, and more, they can identify opportunities to optimize content or improve link structure.

Additionally, they’re able to provide keyword suggestions that will increase organic ranking on search engines such as Google. Here are just a few of the ways AI SEO tools can help maximize website visibility:

  1. Generate targeted keywords - These AI-driven software programs use sophisticated algorithms to generate relevant keywords based on an analysis of competitors’ websites and current industry trends. This helps ensure that your content is using the most up-to-date terms so you don't miss out on valuable traffic from people searching for information related to your product or service.
  2. Identify backlink opportunities – A good AI SEO tool should be able to scan through hundreds (or even thousands) of webpages looking for quality backlinks which could potentially drive more visitors to your site. This process saves time compared with manually reviewing each page individually.
  3. Monitor competitor activity – Keeping track of how your competitors utilize SEO tactics gives you a much better understanding of how best to market yourself online. An effective AI SEO tool will monitor their activities in real time so you know where they stand at any given moment.
  4. Improve page loading speed – Slow page loading times result in lower rankings and fewer visits from potential customers who may get frustrated if pages take too long to load. Using an AI SEO tool allows you to quickly identify issues like excess plugins or heavy images that can slow down your webpage load time significantly.

By leveraging machine learning technology, businesses have access to invaluable insights about customer habits and preferences that would otherwise remain unknown without manual research or expensive marketing campaigns.

In turn, this leads directly towards increased conversions and higher sales numbers due to improved website visibility and performance optimization techniques enabled by advanced AI SEO tools available today .

How Often Should AI SEO Tools Be Used For Best Results?

Using AI SEO tools can be like a double edged sword. They can help you to get the desired results, but overuse them and you may find yourself in trouble. Like everything else in life, moderation is key when it comes to using these powerful tools for success. 

The answer lies within assessing your website’s purpose and content. If it’s an information-based site that doesn’t require frequent changes or updates, then periodic checks every few weeks or months should suffice.

However, if your website features regular updates such as blogs or new products/services then more frequent checking of your SEO metrics will be necessary - possibly even daily!

By regularly monitoring these metrics with the aid of AI technology, businesses are able to identify areas which need improvement and act quickly on any opportunities that arise – allowing them to stay ahead of the competition while gaining added visibility online.