January 5

SproutVideo Review – Video Hosting And Marketing Software


Video marketing is an excellent way to showcase new products, services, and information on your business. It can generate far quicker conversion times and higher conversion rates over text or even image based marketing.

But, hosting your videos is not as straightforward as simply uploading it to YouTube, especially not when hosting the video on your own website.

SproutVideo is a video hosting platform designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses and their marketing teams. So, with that in mind, let’s take a quick look at what SproutVideo offers and how it performs in this SproutVideo review.

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What Is SproutVideo?

As mentioned, SproutVideo is a video hosting service. It is designed to allow you to host your own videos natively on your website without any of the bloat or clutter that can come with services such as YouTube or Vimeo. We review Wistia vs. YouTube as well for your small business needs.

It is a streamlined and simple service that does exactly what you would expect from a video hosting platform.

When hosting a video on your website, for a product or service, you are at the whims of the hosting service in many ways. YouTube and Vimeo may not allow you to host the branded content you are trying to showcase or you may end up with watermarks on your video.

In many cases, you can also deal with slower buffering and lower quality when using one of these major services. SproutVideo aims to solve all of these issues for you.

Why Choose SproutVideo?

SproutVideo is a dedicated marketing and analytics video hosting tool. This means that you are getting the full package when you choose them as your hosting service.

The service is designed to host the videos seamlessly on your website to keep users engaged with your page and your content, not shift their focus elsewhere.

SproutVideo is an actual marketing tool, not an entertainment platform. This means that you will have access to incredibly detailed analytics and marketing information on their SproutVideo hosting platform natively.

You will get the chance to learn how your video is performing, control who sees it and where, and generate leads through SEO tools they offer on top.

SproutVideo is also 100% secure and uses industry leading encryption to protect your IP and your information whenever using their services.

Your content can not be ripped off the platform and used elsewhere. Once it is hosted on SproutVideo, you can rest assured it will be secure there.

In essence, SproutVideo offers you high quality video hosting, without watermarks, and in-depth analysis of user analytics to generate better ROI alongside more leads.

In-Depth Review

Overall, SproutVideo is a pretty awesome service for small to medium sized businesses. The service allows you to host as many videos as you would like (within reason), and has the bandwidth to make sure they run smoothly.

However, it should be noted that SproutVideo is not designed for massive enterprises. If you want to host hundreds and hundreds of videos, you might not get what you're looking for here.

SproutVideo also makes it incredibly easy to use their services. They offer their SEO tools as a standard with all of the video content they host for you.

You don’t need to invest in expensive marketing tools to gain access to video performance. The entire experience is geared towards marketing and analytics performance.

One thing we love about SproutVideo is the fact that they have on-call technical support at all times. This support is there for you as a paying customer.

You get a much smoother experience when contacting their team than you would with services such as YouTube or Vimeo--who are notoriously difficult to deal with when things go wrong.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of the SproutVideo service is their dedication to your website. They never suggest other videos or outside products on their videos like Vimeo or YouTube will.

This means that users are kept on your website and around your content, not sent elsewhere based on an algorithm. This is amazingly useful for website video hosting.

Pros And Cons


  • High quality video hosting without bloat 
  • Hosts branded content
  • SEO tools offered as standard
  • Simple to navigate and incredibly easy to use
  • In-depth analytics that help generate leads and provide value
  • Keeps users on your website, instead of navigating them elsewhere
  • Extremely competitive pricing on various packages


  • Slightly limited in scalability
  • Limited video player customization options


SproutVideo is designed so that you can host your own videos natively on your website and it does not add any of the bloat or clutter that you might get with YouTube or Vimeo.

SproutVideo is a tool designed to help you generate revenue and get a better return on your investment.

Hosting video content is one of the best ways to reach a new and broader audience as a business. However, major platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are designed for entertainment, not so much marketing specifically.

Consider SproutVideo when you are designing your website for their excellent video hosting services.