October 15

Small Business Boosting Voice Overs – Your Secret Weapon

You probably listen to dozens of voice overs a day without actually realizing it. From commercials to YouTube videos to presentations, they’re definitely everywhere.

And that means your small business can take advantage of this secret weapon as well.

Join us while we cover the whys and benefits of opting for voice overs and how you can find success with this unique piece of content.

The Whys and Benefits of Voice Overs

Hiring a voice actor for your video, commercial, or other piece of content can actually do wonders for your goals. Here are just four you should note.

It Helps with Brand Recognition

When using the same voice actor for each of your pieces of content, you can work on your brand’s recognition and raise awareness for your brand.

Just like a logo, a particular voice can become associated with your company. When your audience hears it, they’ll automatically think of your business and welcome the familiarity.

You May Find an Increase in Conversions

A memorable voice over can absolutely deliver a strong call to action (CTA), resulting in more conversions. This works because the CTA in a voice over is built into the copy.

As long as you have strong copy, the content won’t be screaming, “Buy now!” or, “Click the link below to check out the deal!”

Your voice actor can gently push the reader into the right direction without it seeming like a demand. Instead, the CTA is woven into the story they’re telling.

It Adds Authenticity to Your Content

Voices have distinct characteristics. This, along with emphasis and tone, can come together to add authenticity to your piece.

You can have a voice actor evoke certain emotions or levels of excitement depending on the message you’re trying to get across to your customers.

You Will Have New Content Opportunities

Voice overs present you with several new content and marketing opportunities you may not have explored and it allows you to go well beyond the blog.

They can be used to elevate local or streaming radio ads, commercials, podcast and video intros, and more.

Voice overs also help add another layer to your videos. We'll go over a few different ways you can use voice overs in your video content.

Behind The Scenes

You may want to show an office, a kitchen, your employees, or some other aspect of your business.  

A voice actor can then describe the different scenes or give names or facts to associate with your employees.

How-To Video

 A voice over is a necessary aspect of a how-to or explainer video. The voice 

actor can explain the process of using a product with simple instructions in a 

clear tone.

Storytelling Video

A brand story is central to your brand. A voice actor can help you deliver the 

story with emotion, giving your brand and the tale another layer.

Voice overs also help give your content a boost as they present the opportunity to get more out with less invested time.

When marketing with an image, for example, you may only have so much space for text.

When marketing with a blog, you have to ensure your audience reads through the entire piece.

 With voice acting, however, you can get the pertinent information out quickly and have it combined with visuals to keep your audience interested in the content.

Tips To Find Success With Voice Overs

Now that you know some of the benefits behind using a voice over in your marketing strategy, it’s time to find a voice actor that works for your brand.

These tips will help ensure you hire the right person for the job.

Go With A Professional

No matter your industry, when it comes to voice overs, you absolutely need a professional. This is the only way you’ll get the quality you’re after.

A professional voice actor will most likely be able to perform a number of different voices, capture a range of emotions, display passion, and deliver a good impression to your audience.

Opting for a less-than-professional choice could cause your work to come across as cheesy or cheap. You definitely need quality here if you want your content shared with the masses.

Consider Your Branding Guide

You will definitely have quite a number of options when it comes to a professional voice actor – so how do you choose?

You don’t want to opt for the first that applies necessarily, as you want to give thought to your brand.

Specifically, your brand guide. This will help you understand exactly what type of voice you’re looking for.

Just as your blog or videos have a “tone” to them that reflects on your brand, so should the voice over. 

If you’ve already done your market research, you know exactly what tone you need and what tone your audience resonates with.

If your business deals with more serious topics, you might opt for a voice actor who can put on a more serious tone but still be engaging.

If your company wants to drum up awareness for an upcoming event, you probably will go with a voice actor who can embody the passion and excitement needed.

It’s highly recommended though that you search for that voice actor that fits well with your brand as a whole.

As mentioned before, this will help you with brand awareness.

You definitely don’t want to rush this hiring process – take the time to find that voice actor that speaks for your brand and understands what your voice over needs to go along with your content and branding guide.

There’s no doubt – a voice over can provide quite the boost to your small business.