June 15

Raven Tools Review – The Ultimate Digital Marketing And SEO Tool


Raven Tools is a one-stop shop for all of your online marketing needs. Not only does it provide you with the tools to manage your SEO strategy, but also includes features that will help optimize and promote other sections of your digital presence including email campaigns, social media posts, lead generation forms on websites or apps and even PPC ads.

Raven SEO toolset

It's easy enough for anyone at any level in their career to utilize this software suite because they've got something built just for them - whether you're an amateur blogger looking to maximize traffic numbers OR if you're a more experienced professional who wants detailed Google Analytics integration reports AND competitor analysis.

In early 2013, Raven SEO removed their rank tracking system following pressure from Google. Despite the company's best efforts to keep up with modern trends and provide useful features for customers, they have been unable to compete against bigger competitors like Moz who offer a superior keyword tool set.

Raven Tools is one of the most feature-rich, fully hosted web apps for marketing and sales professionals. It boasts a robust integration with 3rd party tools which allows users to pull all their campaign data together into one central location in order to make better informed decisions about what strategies are best suited for each project's unique needs.

site auditor

Site Auditor

Site Auditor is a powerful tool that evaluates your website based on 17 different metrics. This powerful tool will scan for any flaws in your website, including meta content.

After parsing all of the 17 metrics, Raven Tools shines a light on the most important issues and provides advice about how to fix them. Use this report to prioritize SEO fixes that need the most attention.

It’s a powerful tool for SEO pros and it goes into great detail about every possible error, which can be overwhelming to less experienced users. The report also includes an overall site health score of between 0 and 100 with 100 being the best.

With the help of a site audit report, you can see how your website stacks up against others in its category. This means that if there are any SEO challenges on your website, they will be highlighted so you know what to fix right away. The best part? You have control over which issues bother you and which ones don't.

Raven's automated system allows you to audit your site from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Raven also gives you the ability to automate your audits. Run them weekly or monthly and check the results at your convenience! It also monitors the results for you, letting you know if it finds a new problem.

rank checking Raven seo tool

Rank checking

The rank checking tool supports Bing, Yahoo and Baidu as well. It's important to remember this if you are trying to optimize your site for other search engines besides Google.

The rank tracking offers a wide range of features that can be customized to suit your specific needs. For example, you are able to track rankings by postal code or geographical location name.

The data supplied provides accurate real time ranking and allows you to drill down even further into location based searches and explore more localized results.

You can automatically schedule rank checks on your chosen days and track a keyword's performance across multiple search engines with just a few clicks.

Raven also offers a monthly subscription service that includes 1200 (RPCs) Rank Position Checks every month. You can track your keyword rankings each day, each week or on a monthly basis.

If you have a website, Raven will give you live position rankings pulled from Authority Labs and allow you to link your Google Search Console account, as well as your Bing Webmaster account if you have one. Not only can it show the average web ranking data but also offer other contextual metrics such as search volume and monthly searches for each keyword.

backlink analysis

Backlink Analysis

Raven offers a backlink analysis tool that relies on Majestic to deliver detailed information for up to 50,000 URLs in just minutes. You can seamlessly import links from spreadsheets or manually add any that you find. It’s easy to import those found with Google Analytics which saves you a ton of time.

The power of Raven Tools Backlink Explorer is that it not only monitors your backlinks, but flags up toxic links and no-follow tags.

You'll be able to see the authority, the type and the anchor text of each link so it's easier for you to make educated decisions about how to handle them strategically.

Raven Tools' backlinks reporting can help you find and emulate your competitors. Link Spy will analyze links to a rival website in the same way Raven checks its own, giving you an idea of their search performance relative to yours (or lack thereof).

This tool is especially useful for performing gap analysis between where they are now with regard to SEO goals and finding out how much work still needs done on these pages or sections.

keyword research tool Raven tools

Keyword Research

Raven is a powerful keyword research tool that uses data from Google, Bing, Majestic and more to help you find keywords relevant for your webpages.

The search volume of each key phrase can be seen, as well as the ad performance targeting those phrases. With this information in hand it's easy to identify which low-hanging fruit may not have been identified by competitors who are already ranking highly on first page results.

You just upload a CSV-delimited document of keywords, and then filter them based on the tags or categories you set up. No matter how many keyword ideas you have, you can get them all quickly organized at once.

ppc pay per click tool


This tool provides helpful information for any marketer looking to refine their PPC strategy. You get data from Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads. Use it to optimize your campaign by checking conversion rates in real time so you can see what works best.

social media Raven

Social Media

Raven offers users an innovative social media management tool for posting to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even YouTube.

Unlike other SEO products on the market, Raven allows you to schedule your posts so you won’t overwhelm your followers by posting too much.

The product also provides analytics which will be extremely useful when it comes time to report back on how effective your strategy is working.

email Raven SEO tools


With Raven, you can check your email marketing stats from the comfort of one place. Using this tool will give you insight into how successful each campaign was by showing key metrics like the open rates for each email, the click-through rate, as well as the unsubscribe rates, all in a simple to read chart.


Raven monthly pricing plans

Small Biz


2 Domains/Campaigns

2 Users

1,500 Position Checks



20 Domains/Campaigns

4 Users

15,000 Position Checks



80 Domains/Campaigns

8 Users

20,000 Position Checks



160 Domains/Campaigns

20 Users

25,000 Position Checks



320 Domains/Campaigns

40 Users

30,000 Position Checks

Raven Tools offer a range of price points for their various subscriptions. For the basic package, you will pay $49/month - though they also have monthly and yearly options available if that is more convenient for your budget or business.

A quick look at plan comparison shows that all functionality can be accessed from any level subscription except for the full white-labeling.

The number of domains you can analyze, the amount of users and the amount of position checks each month will depend on which subscription package you choose. The Start plan is perfect for SMEs but larger companies may need a higher tier.

pricing -Raven Tools

Raven SEO Tools Review - The Final Verdict

Raven Tools is the best in their field and can be a valuable tool for all kinds of business. In addition to SEO, they offer tools that will help you with search engine advertising, influencer management, social media marketing, link building campaigns or even competitive analysis.

They have created a solution that has functionality available across every level of your online marketing team.

If this sounds like something you would use on your own digital marketing strategy at any stage of the process then it may be worth checking out what kind of pricing packages are available from them today!