March 18 Review – What You Need To Know


We all hate Mondays, right? It’s the end of the weekend and the start of a new set of responsibilities. But, that feeling is the opposite of what a certain data project and task management company aims for. is designed to help make task management a whole lot easier, and make the Monday blues a thing of the past. You’re likely reading this because you are in the market for a CRM platform to manage all of your customer information and data.

There are tons of platforms on the market, and choosing the best CRM services and software can be a headache like none other. So, to make matters easy, let’s focus on a single platform and really dive into what it has to offer. This is our review. screenshot

What Is is an all-encompassing project and task management tool that makes life at the office a whole lot simpler. It can handle everything from daily project processing and organization to CRM functionality. can be used for a multitude of functions across varying tasks and areas of the workplace. For example:

  • Manage HR tasks such as employee leave, recruitment, personal expenses, etc.
  • Create engaging media and workflow management tools.
  • Prioritize backlogs, manage project progress, track infrastructure and project bugs, etc.
  • Capture sales leads, manage marketing campaigns, communicate and work alongside clients directly. is known for its graphical interface that is pleasing to look at and simple to navigate. It is designed to view and manage all relevant data from a single central ‘hub’.

You don’t need to waste time training your team on the platform, as it does a fair bit of hand-holding for you. It’s smooth, responsive, and rather charming to look at. is essentially a workflow, data management, and marketing tool all wrapped into one.

Every aspect of your day-to-day operations within the office can be handled through their easy-to-use and powerful platform. Sounds pretty incredible, right?

So, now that we have a basic understanding of what is, let’s get into the real details of this review.

Our Monday.Com Review Show How Its Used is no newcomer to the party when it comes to task management and CRM software. In fact, they are the task management software of choice for over 90,000 teams across the globe.

This makes it one of the most trusted work management tools for small business and large business operations. has a wide range of use cases, as we discussed above. Let’s go into a bit more detail about what some of those are, shall we?

Communication Tracking

The single most important aspect of the workflow is communication. Managing communication pipelines can be a nightmare for office environments. allows users to highlight and track the progress of communication channels, and even attach emails and other communication streams for easy viewing.

Project Tracking is a great management tool for tracking projects promised to your clients.

Users can track which projects have been assigned to who, and what their current status is. This helps to keep clients informed and keep everyone on track.

Manage Creative Timelines makes managing creative products very simple. Creative teams, such as marketing or design, can create creative boards to post and manage their projects.

This helps track deadlines, progress, assignments, and ideas all in one place.

Managing Workflow

Similar to a ‘Scrum’ board, the workflow can be tracked and managed via easily.

Workflow boards will pulse and display the current status of every project being managed by your company.

It will help you to identify where things are at and who is assigned to accomplish them. All of this is very easy to view and understand with their unique and attractive layout.

Manage Assets allows you to track and manage assets easily. This includes properties for real estate companies. You can track maintenance schedules, leasing details, client showings, offer deadlines and more.

This is a great way to keep a close tab on the assets your company handles and deals with on a daily basis.

How Does it All Work?

So, now that we have a better idea of what can do for you, you likely want to know how it all works?

It’s simple to read a review and get the answers to what it is, but we should take a closer look at how you can navigate the features as a management tool and also as a CRM platform.

The Boards

The primary interface of is the boards. These are the areas where data is collected and managed for viewing and use. This is how companies will track projects and manage workflow through the platform.

There are three main board types that offers. These are:

The Main Boards

These are the primary source of information for all employees on your network. It can be viewed by everyone with access to your platform and features the most general information.

The Private Boards

These are boards for very specific tasks. This means confidential projects, or simply projects that need to be managed in a ‘bubble’.

Private boards are only viewable for those who created the board, as well as those they invite to view it. 

Shared Boards

Shared boards allow you to keep your clients or contract workers in-the-know. They are boards that can be shared to clients and freelancers so they can view the workflow information just like you would.

These are also only visible to the creator and those who have received the shareable link.

Note: Once a board is made, it does not have to be ‘locked in’ to what it does. Boards can be changed into different classifications of your choosing and can be moved around and cycled with ease.


Each board has multiple columns that will display the information you wish to track. This makes it easier to utilize the board and understand the data being presented.

Columns can display project names, employee names, assets and more. They will show the progress and status of each column on the board as they are updated.


Checklists are an added feature to the management aspect of They allow you to track smaller scale data in a way very similar to a ‘Scrum’ board - as we mentioned before.

You can check off smaller steps along the way to progress in order to help manage the more minute and mundane processes.

Integration & Automation Features

Aside from the main interface of the boards, you have added features that can provide for you.

These manifest in the form of automation and integration features that make life a whole lot easier.

Integration has a full set of integration tools and features. You don’t have to worry about managing your third-party applications and programs outside the platform. can integrate with iOS, Android, Slack, Google Drive, and more!

Most of your third-party applications and programs can integrate with This helps to keep all of your infrastructures in place without a complete overhaul of the system. This is one great thing to consider when choosing

Automation can fully automate a whole host of tasks for you. This includes alerts, emails, status updates, recurring tasks daily, etc. This makes those tedious and repeating tasks a whole lot easier to handle as they are now simply performed by the platform.

You don’t need to waste time and labor on sending out campaign emails, status updates to your clients, etc. This is all done by setting up automated tasks within the system.

All you have to do is perform the task once, and it will be done in perpetuity for as long as you see fit moving forward.

The Pros & Cons of

So this CRM review probably makes sound amazing, right? Overall it is a pretty great platform.

But, nothing is 100% perfect and never misses. We wouldn’t be able to call this a true review if we didn’t cover both sides.

The Advantages of

So, we will get to the CRM review cons in a moment, but let’s start with the pros.

Exceptional Tracking excels as a project management software. This is in large part due to how expertly crafted their tracking tools are implemented.

Users can easily view and understand the information on the boards, and boards are easily updated and created. Tracking projects and data is very simple with

Multi-User Integration is able to allow multiple users to create and manage boards at will. This helps keep them fully up to date and allows the team to remain engaged with the progress and processes of the day-to-day workflow.

You can also manage who has access to boards so that only reliable information is conveyed. This multi-user capability is great for those who don’t wish to micro-manage and want a more freestyle working environment.

Multi-View Functions is very versatile and comes with a lot of layers to it. Boards are not simply taken at face value. In fact, they can be layered and viewed in a multitude of ways. This allows users to view only what they want to see.

For example files, charts, Kanban views, forms, etc,. This multi-layered functionality makes one of the more flexible task management tools out there.

Simple Communication makes communication very easy--with clients and employees. Users can be invited to view boards and tasks whether they work for your company or not. This makes keeping everyone up to date even easier. Communication availability is an area where excels.

Mobile Functionality has a fully functioning mobile app for on-the-go use. This keeps users in-touch even when they are away from the office or their computer.

Traveling employees or clients can easily access the information they need from any mobile device.

Flexible Membership Levels offers 3 basic plans ranging in price. These plans offer differing amounts of user access and other features that allow you to scale your operations as needed.

They also offer a free trial on all of their memberships to give you a risk-free chance to try out their platform!

The Disadvantages of

So, up until now, this review has made everything look perfect. Now it’s time for this CRM review to explore the less-than-stellar aspects of that you should be aware of.

Tiered-Pricing Access Limits is a business, and as such has a business model that works for them. But, it might not work for you. You see, each of their membership levels allows a higher number of available access points than the one below it.

This means that you need to go for a higher plan if you have more employees. This also goes for their more advanced features. If you want the most out of, you have to pay for it at a higher tier.

Limited Integration does have pretty good integration for third-party applications, as we mentioned earlier. However, it’s just that--pretty good. It is not the most expansive when it comes to platform integration. does not work with other CRM programs such as Salesforce, and you may find yourself limited with niche third-party apps.

No Comment Integration

While we have touted the communication aspects in this CRM review, we need to point out one flaw: There is no way of adding comments to certain employee or project tasks.

This means that any feedback needs to be directly sent to the involved parties, and cannot be added to the task itself. This is a feature many users wish had.

So, Is For You?

The goal of this CRM review was to explore what the product is so that you can make an educated decision for yourself and your business.

In that, we hope that this review was helpful. But, ultimately it all comes down to what you value as a business owner, as well as what your team needs to succeed.

The truth is, no project management tool is going to scratch every itch. You're always going to have to make sacrifices and compromises. All-in-all makes a great case for itself as a top-tier CRM and task management platform.

It is responsive, versatile, and very simple to use. But, it does have some problems with lacking high-end bells and whistles that other CRM and task management platforms have. does scale very well and can be your platform of choice for decades to come. So, in this regard, it is a pretty great choice for stability and futureproofing. is a great platform and the vast majority of users are extremely happy with their experience. Their free trial makes trying out a no-brainer.

In the end, we believe you will be happy with the things you can do and accomplish with managing your tasks.