October 15

Leveraging Zoom in Your Small Business for Revenue Growth

Since the switch to remote work began, you’ve probably heard quite a lot about Zoom.

Did you know it can actually help your professional small business achieve revenue growth?

Take a look at the benefits of Zoom for your team and customers, and how to make the most of it for better growth.

Zoom is Perfect for Your Team as Well as Your Clients

There are a number of benefits for Zoom that are absolutely worth nothing for professionals in accounting, legal, and financial businesses, including:

Zoom Is Great For Your Remote Team and Communication

Zoom can be particularly useful for your remote team. The video conferencing tool can be used from any device including PCs, Macs, smart phones, and more keeping your employees connected no matter where they are.

Whether you need it for a business-wide meeting or a one-on-one discussion, Zoom is excellent for virtual face-to-face conversations, especially just before a sales call.

Zoom is Easy To Use for Your Clients

In addition to the benefits listed above, Zoom, unlike many other virtual conference options, is easy to use and without the hassle.

The interface is user-friendly meaning it’s simple for even your non-tech savvy clients to pick up and join a quick meeting.

It also can be connected to Slack as well as Google and Outlook calendars, which helps to keep your team and clients in the loop regarding upcoming meetings and conferences.

It’s Easy to Share Information

Need to share something with your team or client that’s on your screen? Zoom’s interface makes it easy to screen share prices, data, and other information with the conference.

You can also opt to use the on-screen whiteboard feature for brainstorming sessions or explanations.

There Are Plenty of Other Features

Zoom’s features also make it easy to make the sale. Some of their innovative features you can benefit from include abilities such as:

  • Share up to 25 video feeds
  • Support HD video
  • Host unlimited meetings
  • Record meetings for later use
  • Group messaging
  • Host alerts
  • Complete host control
  • Transcription

Tips for Making the Most of Zoom

Now that you know some of the benefits of using Zoom for your team and clients, it’s time to be sure you’re properly using the technology to leverage revenue growth for your business

Not paying attention to etiquette and branding here could come back to haunt your bottom line!

Follow Proper Etiquette

No matter what type of call you’re on, you need to follow proper etiquette. Failing to do so could result in you losing a sale.

Keep background noises down to a minimum. If you have family, make sure they know to not disturb you during a sales call.

Pay attention to the background. You don’t want your background to blatantly feature your bathroom! A plain white background or a study can be a great option and keep from distracting your audience.

Mute your mic when necessary. Whether you have a loud noise in the background or you want to be sure you’re not interrupting another speaker, muting your mic can be extremely considerate of your fellow Zoom guests and help to limit distractions.

Think about location. You may have a great background, but what about the location itself? Is the sun shining in your face? Is a backlight making it difficult to see you? You may have to test a few different locations to ensure you’re in the best locale.

Wear the right attire. Remote work has definitely led to more comfortable work clothes, but dressing appropriately is still a must. Even if your camera only shows you from the chest up, for example, wear those pants.

Pay Attention to Branding

Zoom calls, especially during sales, give you an excellent opportunity to focus on branding, which in turn could result in revenue growth.

Zoom allows you to actually choose a virtual background, but you want to opt for one that is in line with your brand if you go in this direction.

Loud colors and patterns can be distracting, so a simple choice that fits with the tone of your brand is the best bet. Consider featuring your logo somewhere in the background to keep the call focused on your business.

Keep it Personable Yet Professional

Zoom calls also give you the opportunity to keep the sales meeting personal yet professional. Think of it just like a meeting prior to remote work.

How would your accounting or financial brand approach the meeting?

Although you may have to adjust your approach slightly due to it being virtual, following branding guidelines and etiquette will help you with your sales.

Zoom is Great for ROI

When you keep the benefits and etiquette in mind when it comes to Zoom, you can definitely make the most of this technology for your bottom line.

With reasonable pricing, Zoom presents your professional brand with different opportunities for your team, business, and customers.

The video calls can also help you develop unique content for your audience including webinars, YouTube videos, and blogs, as well as internal virtual sales guidelines for your team members.

Zoom is not just about the meeting and sale – it can provide a valuable avenue for growth by elevating your brand across a number of different marketing channels.

Zoom can absolutely be a difference-maker for your team as well as your sales numbers.

With the right approach here, you can leverage growth and see an increase in revenue for your brand.

Not sure where to start or how to make the most of Zoom for your team?

Make sure to check out the ZoomRising course “Communicate & Meet With Zoom – How to Use Zoom to Connect with Purpose” which gives you a walkthrough on how to use Zoom to your advantage.