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Jasper AI Review: The Ultimate Guide


Calling all amateur and professional writers! Check out our Jasper AI review that will allow you to use a writing tool that will:

  • Write helpful content and social media posts faster
  • Create search-engine-optimized content without being an SEO expert
  • End writer's block with ease
  • Write and experiment with different variations of your copy to increase conversions and improve your ROI
  • Create new articles from old ones without hiring junior writers
  • Write informative, keyword-rich, and plagiarism-free content for blog posts, articles, and more.
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What Is Jasper Artificial Intelligence (Jasper AI)?

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Jasper is a cloud-based writing platform that allows users to create content in minutes instead of hours. It was created by a team of developers who wanted to make creating content easier. The company claims that its software will help people become more productive at work and at home.

The Jasper AI robotic writer can write original content five times faster than an average human writer. Jasper AI claims its product can do this because it uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and deep neural networks to generate high-quality content.

Jasper AI is a real-time virtual personal assistant that works 24 hours a day. You can ask Jasper questions about anything you want. And unlike Siri and Alexa, Jasper does not just answer simple queries, it provides useful insights.

Jasper AI was founded in 2021. It has been growing quickly, focusing on building a comprehensive suite of AI tools for content creation.

Who Should Use Jasper?

Social media users, especially businesses that must produce continual, fresh content and generate blog post topic ideas.

  • Copywriters
  • Content Creators
  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Small business owners who want to write their copy
  • Freelance writers who want to write nonfiction content faster
  • Administrative assistants who want to write copy that looks more polished than if written independently.

Jasper Pricing: Is There a Free Trial?

Yes. Jasper AI offers a 5-day free trial in its pricing plans, but you must enter your credit card information first. You will then have access to the 5-day free trial to see if you like Jasper, and should you decide not to continue, you can cancel before the trial ends.

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When you register, you will choose one of the following options:

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan option is for hobbyists or business owners who want to explore Jasper before upgrading. The price varies if you pay monthly or annually and increases with the number of monthly words you choose.

If you choose to pay annually, Jasper throws in two free months. You'll get access to over 50 artificial copy generators for gathering content ideas, writing short-form content like ads and compelling product descriptions, or using it to improve previously-written copy.

Also included in Jasper AI's Starter subscription is support for over 20 languages, adding up to 10 users, customer support (chat), a style editor, and "compose & command" features.

Boss Mode

With Boss Mode, you can write long-form blog posts with full creative freedom and complete editorial authority. The cost is estimated based on your word production needs. The average cost is $82 a month, charged annually for 100,000 words, but ranges from $49 per month (50,000 words charged annually) to $500 per month (700,000 words charged annually).

Boss Mode lets you write persuasive long-form content like articles and blogs. As with the Starter Plan, you get a style editor and compose & command features. Boss Mode adds additional features such as "maximum content lookback," where Jasper reads through your entire copy to gather a better understanding of your content needs. You'll also get a richer template experience that gives you more flexibility and better-quality production.

A great advantage of Jasper AI's Boss Mode is its priority chat support. Should you need assistance, Jasper promises that a live person will respond to you in less than one minute, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time.

Jasper AI Boss Mode is the most powerful feature ever built into Jasper AI. With it, you'll be able to write five times faster than normal. Because Jasper AI Boss Mode automatically creates everything you need, including a complete outline, chapter summaries, and research material. So you're always up to speed, no matter how long it takes you to finish your article.

Business Custom Pricing and Plans

Jasper AI provides businesses custom pricing and plans based on their specific needs. Jasper AI is a great company to work with if you're looking for a company that can create a custom solution for your business.

Jasper AI's team of experts will work with you to understand your unique business requirements and then create a tailor-made plan that fits your budget. Jasper AI's custom solutions help businesses save time and money while still getting the most out of their data. Contact Jasper AI today to learn more about how they can help your business grow.

The Business Custom Pricing Plan gives greater words/user packages, billing options, and onboarding support, including training sessions. In addition, you can manage limits per user, and you will have access to a dedicated account manager and premium technical support. Request a demo when you register to learn more about the Custom Plan.

Jasper Art Unlimited

jasper art

The cost for the Starter Plan is $20 per month for one user. If you have access to other royalty-free images, you can use those instead.

The Premium Plan costs $40 per month for up to 10 users. This plan includes unlimited images and art.

An Ultimate Plan is available. Check with Jasper AI for plans and pricing.

How to Use Jasper AI

Jasper is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence program that offers a variety of features to users.

You begin by selecting a content template to create your first post. In Jasper, you get over 50 content templates. For example, you can choose from different categories like "Business," "News," "Product Reviews," etc.

Add images, videos, text, and links to your posts

  • Add images to your post by clicking on "+ Image."
  • Add a video by selecting one from the list and clicking on "+ Video."
  • Click on "+ Text" to add text to your post.
  • You can link to another article by clicking on "+ Link" and typing the URL in the box.

Another popular feature is Jasper's ability to perform research tasks. Simply enter a keyword or phrase into the "Research" box, and Jasper will scour the internet for relevant information.

As you can see, Jasper is a powerful tool that can save time and improve productivity. Jasper AI has a simple interface with helpful features. You don't need to learn how to use it. However, there are excellent classes included in your membership (see below).

Instruction and Certification Available

Jasper offers an instructional course called Jasper Bootcamp. Jasper continually updates and improves its software, and the Bootcamp is a "living, breathing" class that keeps you up-to-date.

We enjoyed the videos and narration—they are upbeat and not boring, which comes in handy considering the number of classes offered. We didn't dread watching them and even looked forward to it (we wish we could say that about classes elsewhere).

Jasper Bootcamp

Jasper highly recommends that every user take Jasper Bootcamp, and we agree. We found the training to be upbeat, enjoyable, and informative. That said, we also found Jasper to be intuitive and user-friendly without additional instruction, so if you don't take Bootcamp right away, you'll still be able to use Jasper from day one.

Learn the Basics of Jasper

This lesson gives a quick overview of the dashboard, documents, templates, artificial intelligence output history, and projects.

Learn How to Use the Dashboard

The dashboard is your home base, and this class includes updates.

All about Templates

50+ template designs are now available inside Jasper. They're designed for specific tasks and are easy to understand and implement.

How to Use the Document Editor

Documents are available in the Boss Mode Plan.

Documents are more flexible than spreadsheets because they allow for open-ended content creation and should be used for writing longer content like blog posts, emails, social posts, or books.

Artificial Intelligence and Output History

You can learn how your documents are automatically saved to your AI output, including any generations within them.

Projects Folders for Organizing Your Work

Create a new folder for any file you want. Many people create new projects for every project they have or create separate folders for different types of content. As of this writing, all users within your account can have full access to all the files in your account.

Understand How Jasper Thinks

jasper dashboard

To use Jasper effectively, you first need to understand how Jasper works. Jasper often produces amazing content, but sometimes Jasper rehashes old ideas or writes content you don't like. So, here you'll learn how to get inside Jasper's head!

Understanding how Jasper thinks can help you create better-quality articles and troubleshoots poor-quality ones.

Training Data

The underlying artificial intelligence system powering Jasper was built by analyzing how people communicate online. Interestingly, Jasper has read millions of blogs, posts (including Reddit), websites, newspapers, and more. As a result, it allows Jasper to imitate human speech and create solid content.

Word Prediction

Jasper predicts your next sentence by looking back at your previous sentences, so what you place in Jasper determines what Jasper will produce. It also affects the list of keywords and the likelihood that they appear in the text.

Still, Jasper isn't a fact-checker and can only work with available information. You may need to do a little tech editing to ensure your writing is true. This lesson discusses how and what to do.

Patterns and Repeating

With Jasper AI artificial intelligence, you may find that some information Jasper retrieves repeats itself. This lesson shows you how to get around it.

How to Use Templates

This lesson shows you how to use Jasper's templates to get good results.

Jasper templates let you start building copy quickly without spending hours writing code. Every template (over 50) is tailored to produce excellent content for specific scenarios (see our inside peek later in this article).

When using Jasper, you can edit the content in each template by filling out the fields. It’s important to experiment with various inputs until you get results that meet your needs.

Templates Examples

As we said earlier, we find Jasper to be delightfully plug-and-play, but this lesson gives great insights into how to use templates effectively.

Additional Options

Here, you'll learn how to add a piece to your favorites, copy to a clipboard, rate bad content, or delete.

How to Use Documents

If you subscribe to Boss Mode (and if you don't initially, we predict you'll want it eventually), you'll learn how to generate long-form content such as blog posts and articles.

Create a New Document

This class covers all you need to know about starting a new document

Writing Content

This lesson offers a nice overview of composition, title, how to generate a content brief, keywords, output length, saving a document, and using document history.

What Jasper Sees

With the Boss Mode plan, Jasper looks at up to 2,000 - 3,000 words beyond where you're at in your document. You can adjust the words down if needed. Jasper looks at titles, content, keywords, and more. This section shows how to use Jasper's intuition to your advantage.


You'll learn how to use the toolbar to rephrase, fix grammar, write in a way children understand, and highlight action items.

Editor Modes

You can learn how Power Mode lets you access all of the documents in a folder inside your document.

You'll also learn about ranking on Google with SEO Mode and how to use the Surfer SEO Integration. Surfer SEO scores your optimization and helps you find keywords, including headings, article length, and paragraphs needed.

Tone of Voice

Learn how to customize your voice to sound witty, academic, business-like, and so much more. You can even choose a customized celebrity voice. For example, you can input a request to sound like Jerry Seinfeld.

Jasper Commands

Boss Mode plan only: learn to use commands for faster creation.

Voice Dictation

If you like, you can talk to Jasper rather than type. This class teaches you the advantages and how to set it up on your computer.


Recipes are cool, and you don't need to know how to cook. In Jasper AI, a recipe is a workflow that contains a series of Jasper commands that helps you create content. You can create your custom recipe or use one created by others.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning how to use shortcuts and short codes will help you produce content faster.

Account Management / Team Management

Here you'll learn how to add team members and oversee permissions.

Credits and Rating Content

Credits are your monthly word allowance. This lesson shows you how credits work and how to get bonus credits. You'll also learn how to get a 20% refund on credits if you dislike the content Jasper provides in your article(s).


Learn how Jasper AI works in several languages (input and output)—everything from English to Chinese.


Learn if you need to be worried about plagiarism (spoiler alert: you probably don't) and how to use Jasper's plagiarism checker.

Additional Help and Training

Learn how to use customer service and the additional resources Jasper offers users.

Bootcamp Completion

Congratulations, it's time to put on your cap and gown and get your "diploma," too. (See below.)

Jasper Certification

The Jasper Certification is an exclusive designation reserved for those who use Jasper to create content at a high level.

You'll be able to display your newly acquired knowledge by adding a badge to your LinkedIn profile. You'll also receive a certificate with your name printed on it to hang on the walls of your office.

The certification exam tests your competence and understanding of Jasper. It is an open-note course, and everything is included in the Bootcamp.

You must answer at least 85 percent of the questions correctly to pass. After that, you can take it several times.

Jasper AI Templates - An Inside Peek


Jasper AI is different from other platforms because it offers pre-made content templates. These are ready-to-go content pieces specifically designed for your topic, niche, industry, etc. So, you can find perfect articles yourself.

However, you can only access the templates if you join. So, we're giving you an inside scoop on what's available. Be prepared for a wealth of options.

Let's begin with the Basic Plan templates:

Amazon Product Descriptions

Write compelling descriptions for Amazon products.

Depending on the listing type, the text may be formatted into paragraphs, bulleted lists, numbered lists, etc.

AIDA Framework

Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action are the components of classic marketing. Open the AIDA template, and tell Jasper about your company or product. You'll receive options for attractive advertising copy that addresses each AIDA point. Jasper even shows you which sentence exemplifies which point.

Here's an example. Let's say you want to promote "Bla-Bla Heated Gloves."

Enter the title of the product in the template, and then enter a description, in this case: "rechargeable," "keeps you warm in the coldest weather," and "many sizes and colors available."

You can enter your voice, too, such as witty, friendly, professional, and more. In this case, we used "witty."

Here's what we got:

Attention: Tired of your hands being cold all the time?

Interest: Bla-Bla Heated Gloves will keep you warm in the coldest weather. They are rechargeable, so you can use them over and over again. Plus, they come in many sizes and colors, so you can choose the perfect pair.

Desire: With Bla-Bla Heated Gloves, your hands will never be cold again. Keep your fingers toasty all winter long – without having to sacrifice style.

Action: Order a pair of Bla-Bla Heated Gloves today!

Before-After-Bridge Framework

The before-after-bridge method is another marketing classic. It tells a story of how a person, product, or service delivers success. We used the same query as above, and here's what Jasper AI wrote:

Before: You hate the cold. But it's winter, and there's no way to avoid it.

After: Imagine being able to stay warm in the coldest weather with heated gloves that are lightweight, comfortable, and rechargeable!

Bridge: Bla-Bla Heated Gloves keep your hands warm in the coldest weather so you can enjoy every minute of winter. They're lightweight and comfortable, so they won't get in your way while you ski or snowboard. And they're rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about buying batteries all season long.

Pretty cool, yes? (Even in the coldest weather.)

Note: We needed to correct some punctuation errors, which took 15 seconds.

PAS Framework

Ready for another example? PAS means Problem, Agitate, Solution—more classic marketing. We used the same query as for Bla-Bla Heated Gloves above. Here's the return with the "witty" voice:

Problem: It's cold outside, and you must keep your hands warm.

Agitate: You could wear heavy gloves, but they'll make your hands sweaty and uncomfortable. Or you could try a lighter-weight glove that won't keep your hands as warm.

Solution: Bla-Bla Heated Gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm in the coldest weather. They're made of thermal fabric to keep you warm and comfortable, and they have a rechargeable battery so you can use them repeatedly.

Again, we did a few minor edits, which took seconds, but not bad! How long would it have taken you to develop this on your own? We generated it in less than a minute.

Creative Story

This is another template that deserves an example. We asked for a story about something ridiculous: "John wants to eat a bagel but eats a child's tire from a toy truck instead."

Again, we chose the voice "witty."

Are you ready? Here we go:

John had been eyeing the bagel at the bakery for hours. He was hungry but didn't want to spend too much money. Finally, he decided on a plain bagel and headed home.

Once he got there, John realized that he had left his wallet in his other pants. He was so frustrated! But rather than go back out and risk losing the bagel, John decided to try and eat it anyway.

He took a bite of the bagel- and then stopped in surprise. It wasn't a bagel at all! It was a child's rubber tire from a toy truck! John had accidentally eaten part of someone else's toy.

He felt awful- not only had he wasted his money, but he also ate something that belonged to someone else. John apologized profusely to the child whose toy it was and promised never to do something like that again.

Okay, so the story could be better. Sometimes, artificial intelligence needs tweaking.

Paragraph 2 needs to be rewritten with something like, "When John got home, he put the bagel on his son's dresser. Later, when it was time to eat the bagel, John's son was asleep, so John needed to grab the bagel in the dark" . . . or words to that effect. And the wording needs to say "son" instead of "child," but it's a great start.

So, we played with the story some more. Finally, we changed the description to "John wants to eat a bagel but eats his son's tire from a toy truck instead."

Here's the story:

John was feeling famished this morning. He had slept through his alarm and only had a half hour to get ready for work. He quickly scanned his kitchen for something quick and easy to eat. His eyes rested on the bagel he had bought the day before. Perfect, he thought.

He reached for the bagel but stopped when his hand brushed against something else in the drawer. It was his son's toy truck tire. John hadn't seen that in months. After playing with his son last weekend, he must have left it in the kitchen. John considered throwing it away but then decided he could eat it instead. It would be like eating a giant bagel anyways.

He took a bite of the rubber tire and found it quite chewy. Not exactly what he was expecting from a bagel, but it would do the trick. He finished off the tire within minutes and returned to work feeling satisfied.

Later that day, John realized he should have known better than to eat a tire. Now he would have to go home and explain to his son why his toy truck tire was missing its wheel.

Again, the story needs work, and we made a few edits, but you can see how creative Jasper gets with a ridiculous query. (We laughed out loud and then ordered bagels.)

Blog Intro

When you let Jasper write your opening paragraph, it's amazing how it helps get you around writer's block.

Blog Conclusion

End your blog post with a compelling conclusion.

Blog Post Outline

This template outlines posts. It works best with list-style or how-to articles.

Blog Ideas

Get fresh blog post ideas that rank high on Google.

Explain It to a Child

Rewrites copy to make it easy for children to understand.


Turns your service or product information into benefits to attract sales.

Google Ads

Choose from ads description, ads headline, business event posts, business offer posts, product descriptions, or what's new.

The list above is only the beginning. You can also use Jasper AI templates to create:

Business Names

Brainstorming a business name can be daunting, especially if you're starting from scratch. That's where the jasper AI business name template comes in handy. To use it, enter keywords related to your business, and Jasper will generate a list of potential names. You can then use the built-in rating system to narrow your options and choose the perfect name for your business.

Product Names

When creating a new product or service name, the Jasper AI product name template can be a helpful starting point. This tool allows you to input basic information about your product or service and then generate a list of potential names based on that information. To use the Jasper product name template, enter the following:

  • The product or service category (e.g., software, app, service, etc.)
  • A brief description of the product or service
  • The target market for the product or service
  • The desired feeling or image for the product or service name
  • Any words or phrases you want to be included in the name

Once you have entered this information, jasper ai will generate a list of potential names for you to choose. The benefits of using this tool are that it can help you develop a list of potential names quickly and easily, and it can also help ensure that your product or service name is relevant to your target market.

Bios (Company or Personal)

The Jasper AI bio template is a great way to create a professional-looking bio for your website or blog. To use the template, enter your information into the fields provided. For example, you can include your name, website, and a brief description of yourself or your business.

Once you have entered all your information, the template will generate a code you can copy and paste into your website or blog. The code will create a box that will display your information in a professional-looking format.

If you want to change the look of your bio, you can easily edit the template's code. The template is also very easy to use, so you should be able to create a great-looking bio in just a few minutes.

Rewritten Content

This powerful content rewriting tool automatically uses artificial intelligence to rewrite your articles and blog posts, making them unique and plagiarism-free.

To get started, enter the URL of the article or blog post that you want to rewrite. Then, select the desired output format and click "Rewrite."

That's it! In just a few seconds, Jasper AI will generate a new, unique version of the content. You can then copy and paste it into your website or blog.

Email Subject Lines

Copy and paste your email content into the Jasper app and click "Generate Subject Lines." Jasper will then provide you with a list of subject lines to choose from and a score for each subject line. The higher the score, the more likely recipients will open your email. Therefore, choose a subject line with a high score to increase your chances of getting your email opened.

Facebook Advertising Headlines and Text

Facebook ads are a powerful way to reach potential customers on the world's largest social network. However, with so many ads competing for attention, it's important to ensure that your ad stands out.

One way to do this is to craft an attention-grabbing headline and text that accurately reflects the content of your ad. Jasper AI can help you create Facebook ads that are both effective and compliant with Facebook's advertising policies.

Tweet Machine

As anyone who has tried to write a tweet knows, it can be difficult to condense your thoughts into Twitter's small space of 280 characters. As a result, even coming up with something witty or clever can be challenging.

Jasper is an AI-powered tweet machine that makes developing clever and concise tweets easy. All you need to do is enter a few keywords, and Jasper will generate a list of potential tweets. Jasper covers you whether you're looking for something funny, thought-provoking, or informative.

Unique Value Propositions

A Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is a statement that describes how your product or service solves a customer’s problem or meets their needs. It should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. A UVP is an essential part of any marketing strategy, as it helps you to focus your message and connect with your target audience.

The Jasper AI UVP template is a great way to create a UVP for your business. Enter your product or service name, target market, and the benefits of your offering. The template will then generate a customized UVP that you can use in your marketing materials.

Personalized Cold Emails

Jasper is a new AI-powered tool that promises to make cold emailing much easier and more effective.

The app analyzes your past email messages and writes customized templates for each recipient based on what has worked well. It also personalizes the subject line and opening sentence for each email, making it more likely to stand out in a crowded inbox.

In addition, Jasper provides real-time feedback on your email performance, so you can adjust your approach as needed. With its personalized templates and detailed tracking, Jasper makes writing cold emails that get results easy.

LinkedIn Posts

As a business owner, you know that LinkedIn is a powerful platform for building professional relationships and connecting with potential customers. But you may need to realize that LinkedIn can also be a great place to share your content and promote your brand.

One way to do this is to create a custom LinkedIn post template for your business. You can easily customize your posts with a template to include your branding and contact information. You can also use templates to create branded images for your posts. This will help you stand out from the crowd and get more exposure for your business.

If you need help figuring out where to start, plenty of resources are available online to help you create a custom LinkedIn template for your business. Once you have a template, all you need to do is start creating and sharing great content. And before you know it, you'll drive more traffic and leads to your business through LinkedIn.

Residential Real Estate Listings

List: The listing template makes listing your property on the market easy. With Jasper AI, you can input your address, and the template will automatically populate your listing with photos, descriptions, and contact information.

Search: Looking to buy a new home? Searching for the perfect rental property? The residential real estate listing template makes it easy to find your dream home. Enter your location, budget, and desired amenities, and the template does the rest, including property listings worldwide.

Pinterest Titles and Descriptions

Catchy titles can be tricky. This template lets you fill in your desired keywords and information, and Jasper AI generates a title and description optimized for search engines. As a result, your pins will be more likely to appear in search results, and you'll get more traffic to your website or blog.

In addition, the app also helps to track your Pin stats so that you can see how well your pins are performing.

And There's More . . .

The above gives you a basic understanding of how Jasper templates work, but Jasper offers a lot more of them.

  • Closing Questions
  • FAQs
  • Headlines and Sub Headlines
  • Testimonials
  • Job Descriptions
  • Numbered Lists
  • Marketing Angles
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Blog Post Intro, Body, and Ending
  • Paragraph Writer

Bullet Points

  • Photo Captions
  • Poll Questions with Multiple Choice Answers
  • Press Release Title and Intro (upgrade to Boss Mode to write the whole thing)
  • Product Descriptions
  • Quora Answers

Review Responder

  • Sentence Expander
  • SEO Tools: Blog Post, Home Page, or Product Page with Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Text Summarizer
  • TikTok Video Captions
  • Tone Detector

YouTube Description

Video: Script Hook and Introduction, Script Outline, Titles, Topic Ideas

Jasper AI Recipes

Jasper AI Recipes gives you easy outlines to guide you when you write. The recipes come with step-by-step directions and examples. They include:

  • Nonfiction Book Introduction and Outline
  • Script and Show Notes
  • Blog Post Expander and Rewriter
  • 12-State Character and Story ARC Development (Hero's Journey)
  • Product Review Blog Post
  • Facebook Ad
  • Idea Generator
  • Blog Post

Use This Jasper AI Review To Understand If You Need It For Your Business

Jasper AI is a powerful artificial intelligence software that can automate many marketing tasks. We’ve given you an exclusive inside look at how it works and some of the templates and training available.

Reviews for Jasper AI have been overwhelmingly positive. Users report increased productivity and efficiency when using the software. Some users even claim they can completely automate their marketing tasks with Jasper AI.

As more people become familiar with the capabilities of this software, we anticipate even more glowing reviews in the future.

If you’re looking for a way to take your marketing efforts to the next level, we recommend giving Jasper AI a try. With its ability to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, you’ll be able to focus on higher-level initiatives and see better results than ever before.

Have you tried out Jasper AI yet? What are your thoughts?

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