March 8

InstantReply Review – Why Do You Need This Marketing Suite?


InstantReply is a digital marketing tool that allows business people to run their marketing campaigns from one platform rather than access customers from different platforms.  Although not as complicated as CRM systems like, it’s simplicity can help you get started quicker.

Developed in September 2019 by Jack Hopman and Brian Anderson  to help you connect with your potential customers easily and instantly on one platform.

This platform saves you the hassle of managing different tools and then connecting them to work together, eliminating the possibility of losing track of your ad campaigns.

Using this software can improve client communication with both your current customers  and future customers, as well.


Features: What Makes This Software Efficient?

In this InstantReply review, you will learn all about the features and services offered by this software and how it helps to grow your business faster. 

Voice Drops

People listen to their voicemails more than picking up calls from unknown numbers. This is how Voice Drop technology works to your advantage. Voice Drop technology allows you to send a pre-recorded voice message in your customer’s voicemail.

This will add professionalism to your business campaigns. Instead of making direct calls to run your ad campaigns, leaving a voicemail will be a more effective way to do it and you won’t even need your customer’s phone to ring.


Emails may be the biggest tool that marketers use for their marketing campaigns. But sending a bunch of emails to your target audience can be a headache. The developers of this software made sure to use email services for a better advantage.

You can queue up your emails automatically, and they will be sent to thousands of people at the same time. Your emails are also managed in a way that you can easily keep track of them.

Text Messaging- SMS

This is another medium that every business person should use these days. This feature allows you to send text messages on your client’s cellular network using one of two approaches.

One can be one-to-one text messages, which are specifically written for one person. The other approach is one-to-many text messages, which means that you can send text messages to multiple people at once.

Auto Responder

Never make your customers wait for your response. Make sure that your customers get your response immediately, even when you are busy.

InstantReply’s autoresponder allows you to send an automatic SMS text response to your customer’s text messages, emails, and voicemails. This lets the lead know you will call them back as soon as possible or you can send a link that is clickable directly to their phone.

White Label

This service offers you to put your company’s label or logo on InstantReply. This is a simple process that will allow you to connect with your potential customers with marketing material that has your logo on it.


Forms are commonly used to carry out surveys or questionnaires. You can use the built-in forms for a more professional look, allowing your customers to easily fill out your form and subscribe to the services that you are offering.

Successful Marketing Campaigns

‘Done for You’ campaigns are offered by InstantReply to make sure that even inexperienced, newbies can run their business successfully. Using this service means you won’t need any prior skills or experience.

You can find a ‘Done for You’ campaign for your niche, or you can edit and add your information. 

Call Tracking

This feature allows you to track your marketing campaigns. If you are running multiple campaigns and you receive a call from any of your campaigns, you will know which campaign’s response you are receiving.


You don’t have to worry about getting paid on time for your services anymore. This software allows you to send ‘buy’ links within your emails and text messages which will direct customers to your website. There they will be able to buy your product easily. 

Appointment Booking

This feature allows you to arrange a meeting with your potential clients. It also ensures that your meeting happens on the scheduled day by sending appointment reminders to both you and your customer.

Pros and Cons

In this InstantReply Review, you will also be learning about the pros and cons of this software:


  • You can get access to all of your contacts through one platform
  • It allows you to track your marketing campaigns
  • Handle all your account management through one platform.
  • Easy for new business owners to run their ad campaigns at the beginning of their business.
  • Weekly Training sessions with developers Brian Anderson and Jack Hopman.


  • Pricing is a bit higher.
  • There is a possibility that a few of your emails, text messages, and voicemails may go unnoticed.
  • This is a new tool in the market that is still being developed. 

Why is InstantReply Important for My Business?

Whether you are a new online business owner or you have been in this business for a long time, you will need to run successful marketing campaigns for your business. 

Using this software doesn’t require you to be an expert in marketing and technology. You will be able to run successful marketing campaigns using several different mediums through one platform.

Even if you don’t know how to run your marketing campaigns, you can use the ‘Done for You’ campaigns, which allows you to choose any of the built-in marketing campaigns for your business. Using this tool will help you to overcome many of the hurdles that are common in businesses and you will be generating more profits by using it.


As we discussed in this InstantReply review, marketing campaigns can be difficult and tricky to carry out. But the services offered by this platform can make your ad campaigns easier for you.

You can use text messages, emails, and voice mails to run your campaigns from one platform. It allows you to manage and track your campaigns so you can tell which are working and which are not.

A really great feature of this software is that it instantly responds to your customer’s emails and text messages even if you are busy, which is why it’s called, InstantReply.

Payment management is easier by using the Invoice module to generate instant invoices for your customers.

All these features combined, form a great marketing tool that you can use to grow your business faster and more efficiently.