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Google Guarantee Best Practices

Google introduced "Google Guaranteed" in Canada towards the end of 2018. The well-known Google Guaranteed program was launched to cater to neighborhood businesses providing residential services.

The application is a component of Google's AdWords service. Even the Search Ads from Ads on Google can't compare to these listings.

This program was created to help small businesses and stop bogus services. Businesses that complete Google's screening and qualification process are awarded the Google Guaranteed badge.

Customers feel more secure and confident when making service reservations because of the unmistakable green and white check mark.

This program aims at targeting several home service segments via the Local Service advertisements feature. Customers will receive satisfactory service thanks to this program, which also guards against fraudulent services.

You can read more on the process, conditions and terms, regulations, and other crucial information about the reputable Google Guaranteed Concept Program in this article.

This program’s initiative is crucial since several local businesses stand to benefit greatly from it in the foreseeable future.

Only a few locations in Canada and the US currently have access to the service, which is still under active beta testing. Several screening procedures must be completed before being listed, background checks and licensing or insurance verification as allowed by applicable legislation, are some of the activities carried out during the screening.

Along with an owner and business license at the state and national levels, enterprises also need general liability insurance. The company receives a Guaranteed certified badge if it completes the entire process of screening.

Google Guarantee: Why Google Started It

Location Marker

Let’s check out these scenarios to understand why Google started Google Guarantee.

Situation 1

By submitting phony ratings and reviews to Google Business Profile alongside other citation websites, some businesses deceive their customers. Google is unable to confirm whether the reviews and ratings are from actual clients. Google created this tool to prevent this and give its users the finest home service possible.

Situation 2

You usually call a plumber if you have a problem with the water supply setup. Frequently, this call could be sent to offshore contact centers where leads are sold to an ambiguous plumber. After work is finished, you can receive a hefty fee for subpar work.

This situation applies to professions like contractors, landscapers, locksmiths, and handymen, among others. They promise no guarantees of quality, only that individuals should spend as little as possible.

Google created this initiative and awards these neighborhood businesses for having certified Google Guaranteed identification badges to prevent this catastrophe.

What Sectors in the US Are Eligible for Google’s Guarantee?


A crucial thing to do if you're unsure if your company is eligible for the Google Guarantee program is to discover if you qualify. Google Guaranteed is available in the following sectors in the United States:

  • Appliance Repair
  • Financial planning
  • Event planning
  • Garage door installation
  • Lawn care
  • HVAC (ventilation, heating, and air conditioning)
  • Pet grooming
  • Water damage restoration
  • Tree services
  • Window repair and cleaning, and lots more

Understanding the Process Involved in Getting Google Guarantee


Now that you are aware of the fundamentals of the Google Guaranteed, how does it operate? Find out by reading on!

Signing up for Google Service Ads is the first step to becoming Google Guaranteed (LSA). LSA will display important company data, such as the location, customer feedback, contact details, and operating hours.

Your company will only be featured as Google Guaranteed if it has registered with LSA and gone through a rigorous set of screening procedures. Background checks, proof of general liability insurance, and proof of business or owner licenses are all included in this.

Businesses must correctly maintain their status after receiving their Google Guarantee badge to keep it from being withdrawn. This includes keeping a valid license and insurance, updating your Google Business Profile regularly, soliciting favorable reviews, answering critical comments, and checking for updates from Google.

How Can One Join Google’s Guaranteed Program?

verification process

Google has developed a sophisticated verification system to give users a far better experience. You need to sign up for Local ads before you can be enlisted for this program.

They make it simple for users to interact with your company. Your address, testimonials, location, contact information, and other information will be displayed. Visitors can better comprehend your company's operations with the use of this information.

  • Start with legal local service advertisements.
  • Obtain a clean background check.
  • Check your insurance and license.
  • Display of Google Guaranteed program individual listings

Google Guarantee Tips

what you need

This Google program can enable businesses to obtain qualified leads. As a result, maintain your business ready at all times by keeping in mind the following:

  • Make sure your company has the necessary licenses and insurance. If not, asking the accountant to effectively include the name utilized in the Google Listing serves as an interesting name for the operation of the Business Incorporation document.
  • Ensure that the Business Name in the Incorporation document corresponds with the name in the Google Listing
  • Have a certified Google Business Profile page that is constantly updated and verified.
  • Request testimonials from happy clients and don't ignore any complaints.
  • When your industry appears on our list, keep an eye out for updates to Google Guaranteed register and reviews as quickly as possible.

The Google Guaranteed legal screening procedure could be a bit challenging, however, once the whole process is through, it can significantly improve lead creation.

However, signing up for the program is not going to be enough. It must be properly maintained or your Google identification badge can be taken away. To increase your internet presence, abide by the guidelines set forth by Google.

Setting Up a Google Guarantee Application


It's simple to get the green checkmark next to your company name. Google offers a simple application form and clearly outlines the steps. 

If you haven't already, you must register for Google Local Services (formerly Google Home Services), submit to a free background check, and have your business license and insurance verified.

Let's see how Google Guaranteed can be configured for your company. Thankfully, the procedure is simple; simply follow the three steps indicated below.

Verify Your Eligibility

The first thing you should do is determine your eligibility before setting up Google Guaranteed. Make sure you're on the list first because not all business types have access to the badge yet. Currently, the following industries are eligible:

  • Device repair 
  • Vehicle glass
  • Auto upkeep and repair
  • Cleaning of rugs and upholstery
  • Planning an electrical event Financial planning
  • Installation of garage doors
  • Domestic cleaning
  • HVAC
  • Removing trash
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Lock-picking services
  • Pest Prevention 

Don't worry if your industry isn't yet included in that list; Google is constantly adding new sectors to Google Guaranteed. Just be aware of when yours becomes accessible.

Examine Your Credentials

When you apply for the Google Guaranteed badge, Google thoroughly investigates your company. It will verify your business license, insurance, and online reviews in addition to investigating the business owner (and occasionally extra employees as well).

Review every piece of information you anticipate Google to look into to get ready for such checks.

Start by making sure your insurance and business license is current. Then check your internet reviews to see if they give a favorable impression of your company.

Before continuing with the application process, focus on completing or improving any of those issues that don't seem to be going so well.

Submit Your Resume

You can finally submit your Google Guaranteed badge application after everything is in order.

To make sure the badge is accessible in your location, you will need to first enter some basic information about your company on the application. The remainder of the application is quick and easy once you finish the first section.

It can take some time before you hear back; Google needs to run its numerous background checks on your company, so it won't be right away. But eventually, if everything appears to be in order, it will let you know and hand you your badge. 

Once Google Guaranteed is set up, all that's required of you is to continue upholding the criteria that won you the badge in the first place.

The Google Guaranteed Badge: What Is It?


Wayne searches Google for a qualified local plumber to assist with fixing his plumbing because he needs it. Your plumbing company appears in the list of results, but with so many choices, Wayne finds it difficult to decide which companies are trustworthy enough to contact. And suddenly he notices it.

There is a checkmark in a green circle next to your company, along with the words "Google Guaranteed," next to it. Even before he understands what it means, he recognizes that as a positive indicator, and after learning more, he is even more certain that choosing your company is the best move.

When you obtain the Google Guaranteed Badge for your company, the aforementioned situation may come to pass. It can do wonders for your web promotion in addition to being beneficial for people who are rushing to discover a reputable local business.

Google certifies specific neighborhood businesses with the Google Guaranteed emblem to reassure customers of the caliber of their offerings. This is Google's way of expressing, "We promise that this company will offer top-notch service." In their local searches, users can utilize the badge to identify the most trustworthy establishments.

Looking at which businesses in a list of several in search results have the Google Guarantee can help you cut down your options.

Of course, the badge serves purposes beyond those of prospective customers. It also helps the companies. When your business displays the Google Guaranteed badge, it's comparable to receiving the finest possible recommendation.

Users are immediately informed by Google that your company is reliable.

Where Is The Badge Visible?

map badge

The Google Guaranteed badge mostly appears in two places:

Ads from local search 

Rectangular boxes in the shape of local search ads are displayed above standard PPC ads. They include the emblem and essential details like the name of the company, its phone number, its hours of operation, and its star rating.

Google Business Profile

The badge for the relevant businesses can occasionally be shown next to their Google Business Profile, whether in Google Maps results or local search packs. Google Guarantee badge happens to be the same in both of these places; it is a checkmark in a green circle with the words "Google Guaranteed" next to it.

How Much Does it Cost to Obtain Google Guarantee?


There are no click-through or view fees under Google’s Guarantee program. Instead, companies pay for each sale lead they acquire via local service advertisements.

Google Guaranteed may have a cost. You don't have to pay to obtain the badge to add it to your Local Services advertisements.

The setup fee for the badge, however, is a flat rate of $50 per month ($600 per year) if you want to use it on your Google Business Profile profile.

The service, location, location, and lead type of the business are only a few of the variables that affect the cost per lead.

Direct messages, phone calls, voicemails, emails, text messages, and any other type of customer-business communication are all considered legitimate leads.

Owners can concentrate on their business because companies can set their budgets based on the number of active leads they need each month. Before this, only companies who purchased Google Service Ads were eligible for the Google Guarantee.

However, small firms that don’t seem to be a part of the notable LSA program will now be actively offered a comparable type of backing and badging for $50 per month.

Through organic search, firms will be able to differentiate themselves from local rivals thanks to this monthly fee.

Google Guarantee Benefits for Businesses


A business with Google Guaranteed is guaranteed various benefits, including lead generation alongside enhanced rankings of search results, in addition to increased user confidence.

Your company will be highlighted on the search engine's top result page as one of the Local Service Ads. Brands can connect with active users looking for your company's services thanks to this.

Increased leads and conversions will follow from being a part of the top listings and having the verified and certified check mark.

Additionally, you only pay when a user contacts you directly as a result of the advertisement, so you are only actively paying for measured outcomes.

Google Guarantee Benefits for Brands 

brand review

Any opportunity to gain a searcher's confidence, encourage business openness and emphasize favorable customer reviews should be taken advantage of. Businesses that are Google Guaranteed display a green badge with a white checkmark.

In addition to the attractive badge, this emblem gives Google searchers confidence by demonstrating that Google is willing to refund any fees paid if the consumers are dissatisfied with the service.

Businesses gain from displaying a certified Google Guarantee badge in these different ways.

Provides customers with assurance 

According to the poll by Moment For Trust, about 81 percent of customers consider trust when making judgments about what to buy. However, only 35% of the same audience had confidence in the different brands they bought. Google Guarantee provides trust for your company.

It demonstrates that Google has verified you, being a trustworthy service provider, believing that you'll offer future consumers high-quality service.

Makes Service Ads Pop

Customers will notice a large green checkmark in addition to your service's average rating on advertisements. Your company can distinguish itself from rivals who aren't Google Guaranteed or Screened thanks to this tick.

Google image from April 2022 offers confirmation even through phone and audio searches. Customers will hear confirmation that your company is Google Guaranteed in the United States only when they use voice search (like Google Home or Google Assistant) to discover the service they need.

View the exact performance numbers for each of your organic keywords in Google Analytics. 

Manifests Your Concern for Your Company’s Reputation

You must actively seek out fresh possibilities to increase your credibility. By completing the Google Guarantee certification procedure, you demonstrate to your clients that you are prepared to go above and beyond to guarantee their pleasure.

A further step in enhancing your customers' experience with the company from the time of their search to the time of their purchase is completing the screening process.

Your Company Receives the Google Seal of Approval

The Search Engine “Google”, offers a money-back guarantee if your company doesn't deliver the best service to the customer's satisfaction. It suggests Google believes in your company enough to jeopardize its financial stability.

Additionally, as was already said, you only get paid if a client contacts you directly via the advertisement by phone or message. This contributes to a worthwhile return on your investment.

Compensation Eligibility

Users can recognize nearby companies who provide high-quality work by looking for the Google Guarantee badge. If clients are dissatisfied with the work they receive, Google is willing to cover the initial service costs up to $2,000 (in the US) and $2,000 (in Canada) throughout their lifetime.

Only when you schedule a service using Local Service or Google Assistant is this refund service applicable. Within 30 days of the initial service completion date, this service must be claimed.

You must send the payment information-containing receipt together with the provider's company name. You can reach Google support directly at 1 (844) 885-0761 to file a claim (Monday to Friday- 9:00 am to 5 pm PST). Both Canada and the US may use this contact number.

If you are dissatisfied with the price, the response of the business, cancellations, damage to property, trip costs, diagnostic fees, or add-ons or future services, Google Guarantee will not refund your money.

Google Guarantees Benefits for Customers


By giving searchers the greatest local company listings, the Google Guarantee program was created to benefit both businesses and customers.

Some companies create phony ratings and reviews on their Google Business Profile sites to sway customers and search engine results. With promises of greater services, this misleading advertising attracts potential customers even when the quality may be subpar.

The verification benefits sectors like contractors and handymen who cannot provide an equal level of quality assurance as larger organizations. Users can tell if a business is reputable by looking at Google Guarantee.

Users looking for a particular service are considerably more inclined to actively trust a company that Google has reviewed and supported. Users believe in Google Promise because of the money-back guarantee in addition to the fact that it is a reputable and certified search engine.

If a person uses Google to find a business and is dissatisfied with the major service they receive, Google will refund them up to $2,500 for their money.

Customers must submit their claim for reimbursement within 25-30 days of the date the original service was completed to be qualified. The certified service receipt with the full payment information and the name of the company must also be attached to the claim.

Google has the responsibility of getting in touch with the company when the customer lodges a claim to find out more and determine a course of action.

Businesses now can set things straight with dissatisfied clients and resolve the issue for other clients in the future.

Only claims for all services booked via Google Local Services will be covered by the Google Guarantee. Add-on kinds of services, upcoming projects, diagnostic costs, property damage, trip costs, or cancellations are not covered by the lifetime coverage.

The reputable Google Guarantee does not address issues like pricing, responsiveness, or politeness that may arise between a company and a customer.

Google Guarantee Validation Across All Nations

for all countries

Depending on the nation, different industries may apply in different amounts. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), locksmiths, window cleaners, carpet cleaners, lawn care providers, plumbers, appliance repair specialists, movers, roofers, water damage services, tree surgeons, garbage removal, window installers, and pest control services are all included in Canada's Google Guaranteed reviews program.

It is applicable to window cleaning and repair, auto glass replacement, appliance repair, event planning, a variety of home services vertical such as cleaning, electrical, plus pet related, landscaping and even photographers in the USA.

When Do Businesses Have to Pay for the Google Guaranteed Program?


The Google Guaranteed program does not charge for views or clicks; instead, it only levies fees for actual leads (calls or messages) obtained from local service advertisements.

Depending on the region, service, lead kind, etc., the cost per lead varies. Customers who are relevant to your business and services and fall within the circumstances listed below are referred to as valid leads.

  • Receiving emails or SMS messages from clients. 
  • Getting a message on the customer's voicemail.
  • Mobile devices are used for consumer and business owner communication.
  • If you fail to reach your customers when they call, email, or message them back (without a voice mail). 

Understanding What Client Reimbursement Means And How Does it Relate to Google Guarantee?

google guaranteed local business

The Google Guaranteed emblem represents Google's promise that your consumers will find your services to be adequate. Google may compensate a client who is unsatisfied with your services if they submit a legitimate claim.

Naturally, this only applies in certain situations. Users must click a Google local ad to be eligible for payment. They are ineligible if they convert straight on your website, for instance, cutting out Google as a middleman.

Second, compensation is only accessible for 30 days following the end of the service. A user has that period to submit a complaint if they so choose. Last but not least, Google spends time looking into any concerns, even from eligible people.

It will inquire about the circumstance and provide you a chance to make amends with the client. After all of that, Google may decide to compensate the consumer if it determines that the user's complaint is justified. Google will only ever reimburse you up to $2000 for any service.

Use These Google Guaranteed Best Practices To Enhance Your Local Marketing Efforts

google guaranteed

Businesses have little choice but to adapt their marketing strategies to comply with Google's changes. Sign up as soon as you can to take advantage of Google Guarantee.

If you don't have a storefront, it might be worthwhile to assess your resources and decide whether it would be a wise investment to have a business address that isn't the same as your home address.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket but keep an eye out for Google Guarantee and be ready for it. Making Google your sole marketing emphasis would not be wise because it might be unpredictable.

You should make sure you have new revenue coming in from several other sources because Google could discontinue the program at any time.

If we want to maintain the growth of our firm, we ultimately have to adapt to Google's changes. However, if implemented effectively, Google Guarantee can result in greater revenue than you're accustomed to and higher earnings for your field service company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Google Guarantee?

Your costs may change depending on your traffic requirements, just like with the majority of Pay-Per-Click services. Your budget can be changed as necessary (more on that later). Every business has a somewhat different starting budget, but we've seen as little as $25 to $50 each week.

What kind of licenses am I required to have for Google Guarantee?

To the extent practicable, Google confirms that advertisers possess the necessary state, provincial, and/or national licenses for enterprises and owners/managers. Each advertiser's provider profile lists the licenses that Google has confirmed for that particular advertiser.

How do I set up insurance for the Google Guarantee?

Each provider's company is required to maintain general liability insurance coverage for all services rendered. When setting up your account, Google will need a copy of your insurance policy.

To my Google Guarantee listing, can I upload images?

You may use images in your listing. The size requirements for the images on your Google Guaranteed profile are really strict. We can assist you in optimizing your profile for optimum impact.

Is Google Guarantee subject to a background investigation?

Yes, Google looks at the history of your business! You can get a background check conducted by "Evident" at no cost at all. Typically, this takes between two and five weeks, depending on how quickly Google can reach everyone.

Can I alter my spending plan at any time?

Yes, that is a part of its attractiveness. The budget can be adjusted and changed as necessary.

How will I be able to tell if the Google Guarantee is effective?

Tracking is a cinch because Google will email you each time a customer calls your company after seeing the Google Guarantee banner. Better more, Google records the calls so that your business may actively train its callers and maximize its return on investment.

Can I pick the locations where I run Google Guarantee ads?

You may pick and choose which cities you want, yes. You can precisely choose the regions you want to focus on thanks to this.

What steps must I take to set up Google Guarantee?

Locate "Google Local Services" and sign in using your existing account or a new one as the first step. Following a series of inquiries, Google will determine whether or not you are eligible for the program.