March 21

From Stuck to Stellar: Overcoming Writers Block in Your Blogging Journey


Writing is a passion that can turn into an addiction. It has the power to take us on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the highest highs to the low lows - especially when it comes to blogging. The dreaded writer's block can be a crippling obstacle in our journey to success as bloggers. But fear not! Here at, we can help you overcome those challenging moments and reach new heights with your blog.

Writing isn't always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes, it feels like swimming upstream against powerful currents of creative exhaustion. Many writers feel overwhelmed by the pressure of producing content for their blogs, leaving them feeling blocked and unable to move forward. This paralysis can quickly snowball into feelings of frustration and helplessness if left unchecked.

The good news is that there are steps we can take to break through these barriers and get back on track with writing amazing content for our blogs. We'll explore some practical tools and strategies for overcoming writer's block so that you can become the best blogger you know how to be.

man with writers block

Try To Identify The Underlying Issue

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a creative block when it comes to blogging? Have you been dreading the writing process and can’t seem to find any inspiration? If so, don't worry - you’re not alone.

Many bloggers experience the dreaded writer's block at some point. The good news is that there are steps you can take to help overcome this obstacle.

Mind mapping is one of the best ways to break through your mental barriers. This involves drawing out ideas on paper or digitally with arrows connecting them. You can use colors for emphasis and rank topics according to importance.

It's an effective way to sort through what may be blocking your progress and gain clarity of thought. Furthermore, it helps organize your thoughts into actionable items that will make the actual writing much easier.

The next step would be decluttering your workspace, as taking control of physical clutter can also aid in overcoming creative block for bloggers.

Declutter Your Workspace

It's time to start decluttering your workspace. This is an essential step in getting unstuck and supercharging your blogging journey. Here are three key steps to get started:

Organize Your Digital Writing Tools

Make sure that any digital tools used for blogging, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Dropbox and Evernote, are organized properly so they don't become distractions when you work on content creation.

Clear Out The Clutter

Get rid of any paper piles or other physical objects which may be distracting while trying to focus on creating blog content.

Organize Using A Blogging Calendar

A great way to plan ahead and keep track of progress is by using a blog content calendar like Trello or Asana, which will help make sure everything gets done efficiently without feeling overwhelmed.

Completing these simple steps will create an environment conducive to productivity and creativity, allowing you to move forward on your blogging journey from stuck to stellar! Ready for more? Read on...

Read More

Reading more is a great way to get inspired and overcome writer's block. Whether it's books, magazines, or articles related to your blogging topic, reading helps refresh your mind with new ideas.

It also gives you a better understanding of the topics that interest you. Moreover, keeping up-to-date on current trends in your field can lead to new insights for future blog posts.

With these tips in hand, now is the perfect time to explore ways to find inspiration and keep your readers engaged with fresh content. This extra step will ensure that each piece of writing stands out and captivates audiences everywhere.

Listen To Music

They say that when you’re feeling creatively constipated, listening to music is best. After all, if it worked for Stephen King, why not try?

Whether you create your writing schedule or set aside some limited time each day, dedicating yourself to finding inspiration in music can be an effective way of breaking through writer's block.

One great technique is stream-of-consciousness listening: select any song and let yourself write whatever comes into your mind as you listen. Don't force yourself. Instead, allow ideas and images to flow naturally without judgment or hesitation.

This helps unlock creative pathways which may have been blocked before due to overthinking or worrying about what others will think of your work. You never know where this kind of listening might take you!

Now that we've covered a few tips on how to break free from writer's block, it’s time to move on to another important factor in blogging success: exercise.

take a break and exercise


Exercise is a great way to break through writer's block. It stimulates creative thinking, gets your blood flowing and can help you come up with new story ideas. 

Exercise keeps us focused on manageable tasks, making it easier to progress toward our goals. Taking regular breaks from work allows us to refresh our minds and bodies to tackle difficult problems head-on when the going gets tough.

From jumping rope to playing basketball or running around the block, whatever exercise you choose will get those creative juices flowing again and clear your mind before diving back into your blog post.

Take A Walk And Clear Your Mind

When you're stuck in your blogging journey, walk and clear your mind. By taking a stroll outside or going for a hike, you can recharge and get those creative juices flowing again.

Channeling divergent thinking while out in nature helps to tap into fresh content ideas. Rejuvenating your writing skills with some time outdoors may be just the trick to getting yourself unstuck and back on track with your blog posts.

So if writer's block is plaguing you, go ahead and give it a try - step out of the office, breathe in some fresh air, and let the inspiration come naturally. When you return to your desk, you'll be surprised at how better prepared you are to tackle new projects.

Research Your Competition And Improve Upon Their Posts

As an ambitious blogger, you must research your competition and their posts to stay ahead. You can learn a lot from famous writers who have been successfully blogging for years. The best way to move past writer’s block is to look at what others are doing and then use it as inspiration.

The key is to be creative with solutions beyond writing topics your competition has already covered—find new angles or take existing ideas and make them better.

You can write about something similar but add personal touches that will engage readers more than your competitors’ pieces do. Taking the time to analyze other people's work gives you insights into how to improve yours—and turn stuck into stellar!

Look At Trending Topics In Your Niche

Now that we've explored the competition and considered improvements to their posts, it's time to take a look at trending topics in our niche. To be an effective blogger, you must stay on top of relevant news and keep up with modern developments.

However, idea blocks are common when searching for new and innovative content ideas. Don't succumb to the pressure. Instead, set yourself a time limit.

For instance, spend 5 minutes searching online for news articles related to your industry, then write down 3-5 ideas based on what you find. You'll soon have plenty of fresh concepts ready to turn into amazing blog posts.

Plan A Writing Session

Planning a writing session is key when trying to overcome writer's block. Planning a writing session helps us gain clarity on how we'll reach our goals and achieve that sense of joy from writing.

Start by setting aside time for a specific task - be mindful of not overwhelming yourself with tasks. Make sure you have all the necessary resources available, whether it's an analog desk or digital tools, to help organize your ideas into words.

When everything is set up, take a few minutes to sit down and brainstorm awesome ideas that can become part of your blog post before outlining them. Take small steps towards creating something extraordinary from what seemed like an insurmountable challenge earlier.

Outline Your Blog Post

Once you've identified your writing dream, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and outline your blog post. Time limits can be a great way to jumpstart creativity – give yourself thirty minutes and see what comes out! With this in mind, here are some tips for outlining:

  • Choose one of your blog post ideas
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes
  • Compose an outline before the clock stops ticking

Outlining is crucial in any blogging journey because it helps set expectations early on. Having an understanding of what you want to address within each section, it'll make the actual writing process much smoother.

It also gives structure to potentially scattered thoughts or ideas that may not have been connected otherwise. Outlining will help activate certain areas of creativity while aiding in brain activity associated with creative thinking.

Plus, setting up a time limit adds urgency, which can create momentum toward accomplishing something great. No matter how daunting the task may seem, these steps should provide enough guidance and confidence to feel comfortable diving into the project headfirst.

Brainstorm Ideas

When it comes to writer’s block, professional writers know that a lack of ideas hinders their progress. Fortunately, there are simple tasks you can do to help brainstorm some fresh and innovative concepts.

Don't be afraid to try something new when coming up with blog post topics - maybe look at industry trends or start conversations around controversial topics within the niche.

Once you have gathered enough information and potential topics, take time away from writing and reflect on them using different methods such as mapping or drawing diagrams - this will give you a better perspective of how each could work together in creating an interesting article.

Then let's move on to the next step: getting ready to write!

Write At A Different Time Than Usual

They say time is of the essence, and when it comes to writing, this certainly holds true. Try mixing up your routine by changing your writing time to break through writer's block.

Writing at a different time than usual can be an effective way to kickstart creativity as long as you get enough sleep.

Start by taking note of what times are best for you and your creative thinking. Some people find that writing in the early morning or late night hours works better for them than typical daytime routines.

To make sure your energy levels stay high during these new hours, consider pairing your writing activity with an aerobic exercise such as jogging or cycling.

This will get the blood flowing, help jump-start ideas, and serve as a healthy reminder that there are no silver-bullet solutions to overcoming writer's block- success requires effort and motivation!

As tempting as it might be to search for anti-solutions like procrastination or avoidance tactics, remind yourself that these won't work in the long run if tangible progress needs to be made on your blog.

Keep moving forward one step at a time, and soon, you'll have conquered the dreaded writer's block and be well on your way toward blogging stardom.

working at the coffee shop

Write At A Different Place Than Usual

Is it hard to break through your mental blocks and produce the content that's been lingering in your mind for days, weeks, or even months? If so, don't worry – there is no one-size-fits-all cure for writer's block.

Accomplished writers from all walks of life have tried countless tactics to overcome their creative hurdles with varying degrees of success. There may not be a silver bullet solution, but an effective trick many authors use is writing at different places than they usually would.

Rather than sitting down at your desk tomorrow morning as usual, try exploring other environments where ideas can flow freely.

Whether it's a quiet coffee shop or the noisy library stacks, getting out of your comfort zone could provide just enough inspiration to jumpstart your project again.

You'll find yourself developing new ways of thinking about topics, and all sorts of additional plot points will begin to emerge from within. Even if you can only compose a table of contents or detailed outline after relocating, then you've already succeeded.

Finally, when you feel like you can tackle the material once more, head back home and get ready to write something great.

Try Freewriting

Making fancy announcements about overcoming writer's block can be easy, but actually doing it is a whole other story.

It often feels like the only solution to get over this pesky problem of writer’s block is to ‘stop writing for a while’ and hope that an idea will miraculously come up when you least expect it.

But what if there was another way? Enter freewriting – the act of allowing yourself to write terrible things without any form of judgment or fear.

Freewriting can provide enough material to break through our blog post blocks. It doesn't matter how many words you jot down. All that matters is that you can express your thoughts freely on paper and eventually work towards creating something amazing out of them.

Allowing yourself to write whatever comes into your mind may not sound like much at first, but after some time, you'll see that it helps overcome writer's block and gives ideas more structure and direction as they become clearer in your head. So why not give it a try?

Allow Yourself To Write Terrible

Writing doesn't have to be perfect the first time around. In fact, it's better if you allow yourself to write terrible at times. Don’t let fear of writing "badly" prevent you from expressing your thoughts and ideas in written form.

Don't worry about crafting a perfectly worded sentence on the first try - get those words down. You can always come back and edit later.

When you free yourself from the pressure of perfectionism, creativity will start to flow more freely. It might take some time, but this sense of liberation is incredibly liberating.

Plus, when you permit yourself to make mistakes while writing, you'll learn faster what works and what doesn't work for your blog.

Embrace being able to create something that isn't great right away - it's part of the journey towards becoming an expert blogger. Writing confidently takes practice, and allowing yourself bad drafts gives room for improvement and progress.

Finally Overcome Writer’s Block When Blogging

Writing can be difficult, especially when the dreaded writer’s block sets in. However, following these simple steps can help you to overcome your struggles and succeed on your blogging journey.

It is important to allow yourself some grace during this process. Writing isn't always easy, and finding something that works for you often takes time.

Don't let negative self-talk or feelings of failure get in the way - if nothing seems to work at first, keep trying different strategies until you find one that clicks with you!

Some might object that they lack time to change their routine or declutter their workspace. I understand how busy life can be, but it's worth taking a few minutes out of each day to focus on improving your writing skills.

Even small actions like listening to music while working or exercising regularly could help make huge impacts over time. Taking control of your writing environment will lead you toward becoming a more successful blogger.