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What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)?

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) is a new tax credit introduced by the IRS to help small businesses retain their employees during these difficult times. It refunds payroll costs already spent on them.

There is no need to pay back the ERTC!

Any business structure that has under 500 employees may possibly qualify. Even non-profits and start-ups could qualify!

What if you claimed PPP?

Don't worry, you might still be eligible! You may have heard that PPP borrowers are not eligible. Although this was true when the bill was originally passed in 2020 but the guidelines have changed since then.

Your Questions Answered About The  Employee Retention Credit 

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We help businesses receive their ERTC tax rebates.

  • Funded by the CARES Act

  • Up to $26k per Employee

  • Available regardless of whether you received a PPP loan

  • Our Accounting Team will Pre-Qualify Your Business for Rebate

  • Don’t Wait to Apply

I thought the tax credit was for 2020?

You’re right - it was originally a 2020 credit. And it was either the Paycheck Protection Program OR ERTC. Almost every business chose the PPP option.

The ERTC was not widely used until March 2021, when the American Rescue Act changed IRS regulations and millions of businesses were now eligible for both the PPP and ERTC program by amending their Quarterly Form(s) 941.

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The ERC Express team of accounting pros work with every client’s file.


Once you've applied with us ...

Upload Data

Upload your 941 returns, PPP loan documents, and raw payroll data on our secure portal.

Credit Calculation

We calculate the the credit you can receive from the IRS.

Amending Returns

We will prepare and help you file the 941-X Amended payroll returns.

Get Paid

The IRS will process your credit and mail you a check.

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