March 5

Brand24 Review – Managing Your Brand

Social media has radically transformed the marketing landscape. With the emergence of social media, it didn’t take long for brands to realize that traditional techniques weren’t reaching enough consumers.

These methods included banner ads, pop-ups, and overlays. Now, however, social media enables brands to engage in a two-way conversation with audiences.

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Shortly after the emergence of social media, Brand24 arrived on the scene. The software gives businesses a powerful way to monitor for daily mentions of their company name. Our Brand24 review may help you to understand why.

To learn more about managing your brand using Brand24, keep reading.

The Value of Reputation Management

A social media presence will help to boost your brand recognition. However, it’s important to monitor what customers are saying about your company.

You may offer the best product or service in the world. Nevertheless, customers will still assess the reputation of your business by looking for information online. For this reason, it’s critical to manage your online reputation.

Companies that monitor their reputations stay ahead of competitors. With brand monitoring, you can attract new business. You can also use the practice to keep existing customers coming back.

Before the internet, marketers were forced to sift through newspapers and other periodicals looking for mentions about A brands’ products or services. Now, the internet makes it much easier to monitor and manage your brand reputation.

Furthermore, technology makes it easier to collect actionable sentiment analysis data regarding your brand. Now, you can use reputation management software as a tool to guide your business strategy. Social media monitoring simplifies this process.

With the best reputation marketing software, you can protect your brand reputation. You can also use it to measure and increase awareness of your brand. Also, you can use reputation management software to measure the results of marketing campaigns.

Today’s advanced reputation management tools, such as Brand24, feature an artificial intelligence-driven backbone. For this reason, you can use Brand24 to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Brand24 Review: A Brief Company History

Brand24 launched in 2011. The company is one of the early entrants in the reputation management space.

In the beginning, Brand24 quickly established itself as an important software offering. In two short years, major companies such as AirFrance, Intel, and Panasonic embraced Brand24 to keep an eye on their digital brands.

Then, it was easy to see why Brand24 succeeded so quickly. The technology was new. Furthermore, Brand24 was one of the few players in the space.

Now, however, a decade has passed. Still, Brand24 leads the field in reputation management. Today, the company generates millions of dollars in revenue.

What’s more, big brands continue to embrace Brand24 for reputation management. As an example, Uber takes advantage of the technology. What’s more, users of Brand24 provide glowing testimonials.

Over the years, the company continues to expand the features included with the platform. Now, Brand24 is much more than a simple social media monitoring tool.
Brand24 can tell you who’s talking about your company online. It can also tell you what they’re saying.

However, the modern iteration of Brand24 includes top-notch analytics. With this capability, you can uncover hidden insights that will allow you to improve your brand image and marketing strategies.

Brand24 Features

Brand24 is a robust social media analytics tool. It enables you to track keywords across different social network platforms. These platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Brand24 will analyze your media mentions across these platforms.

Furthermore, the technology will calculate your social media reach. It will also assess your share of voice online.

You can even use Brand24 to track hashtag performance related to your brand. Under the hood, all these features are powered by artificial intelligence.

With Brand24, you can protect the reputation of your brand. More importantly, it will enable you to uncover deep marketing insights. By monitoring what people are saying about your company, you can also use Brand24 to improve customer service.

It’s relatively straightforward getting started with Brand24. The process begins with creating a project. A project is simply the social media presence that you’ll track.

You can also use Brand24 to track for more than one brand. In this way, the platform is a great analytics tool for competitive analysis.

Also, you can use Brand24 to track specific marketing campaigns. By zeroing in on specific keywords or hashtags associated with the campaign, you can use the tool to measure performance.

The Pros and Cons of Brand24

One of the best things about Brand24 is that it gives you instant access to information about your brand. Once you’ve launched a project, you’ll always know what people are saying about your company. More importantly, you can locate both positive and negative mentions about your brand.

However, Brand24 goes beyond the obvious benefits. It’s an intelligent reputation management platform.

The technology enables you to track detailed information about your positive and negative mentions. You can even drill down to individual commenters.

More importantly, you can use Brand24 to provide immediate responses to social network mentions about your brand. In the event of negative feedback, you can use Brand24 to resolve issues quickly before they become a PR nightmare.

However, the one weak spot of Brand24 is integrations. Brand24 is mostly an analytics tool.

There isn’t much need for integration with the program. However, Brand24 does integrate with one important tool—Slack.

Slack is a great tool for enabling your marketing team to monitor for and respond to mentions. Furthermore, Slack integration makes the process transparent.

If, for some reason, you want to integrate Brand24 with another application, however, all is not lost. The platform promises to offer integrations through Zapier soon.

How Brand24 Fares in the Real World

Marketers have a lot of great things to say about Brand24. For example, some say it’s a great tool for real-time social monitoring.

Also, professional marketers express that the platform is great for generating engagement with followers. For this and other reasons, many marketers believe that Brand24 is an ideal social monitoring platform.

What’s more, Brand24 is fast and comprehensive. It’s a powerful cloud-based analytics tool.

In addition, the company offers mobile apps for both Android and Apple devices. Accordingly, it’s easy to keep track of your digital assets while you’re on the go when using Brand24.

For many marketers, there’s no better way to monitor and approve mentions compared to Brand24.

Brand24 is a highly insightful platform. Also, the company offers great customer support.
With Brand24, you can monitor your many online assets using a single, convenient dashboard. What’s more, the software and mobile apps are fast and reliable.

Brand24 makes the power of sentiment analysis available to small businesses that want to grow. Accordingly, it’s a must-have tool no matter the size of your company. With Brand24, you can maintain an overview of your entire digital presence, whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation.

Is Brand24 Reputation Monitoring Right for You?

One of the best features of Brand24 reputation monitoring is that it’s simple and easy to use. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most reliable reputation management tools on the market.

For this reason, thousands of companies use Brand24 to monitor mentions about their online brands’ products. The technology helps them to identify and analyze online conversations.

Using Brand24, marketers can keep track of conversations about brands’ products. Companies can even use Brand24 to keep an eye on their competition. With Brand24, you’ll always know what customers are saying about your brand online.

Brand24 allows even small organizations to access detailed insights into their existing and potential customers. However, the technology also helps you to engage with your online audience.

More importantly, Brand24 can help you to identify sales leads. Furthermore, it can help you to improve your customer service.

You can also use Brand24 influencers to reach out to online influencers. Resultantly, Brand24 is a truly remarkable tool for managing marketing work.

More importantly, however, Brand24 is affordable. An entry-level account starts at only $49 per month. You can even try out Brand24 for free for 14 days.

Brand24 is a solid reputation management tool. It will help you to manage your online reputation and track the performance of your marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it can help you track down customer feedback, do social selling and perform other vital marketing tasks.

Your Partner in Sustainable Growth

Now you know more about managing your brand using Brand24. Hopefully, this Brand24 review has brought you one step closer to generating remarkable growth for your brand.

Even if you’re just starting your business, Brand24 can help you make the most of available online information about your company.

Accordingly, a subscription to Brand24 is a good idea for companies who want to grow and outperform their competitors.

This Brand24 review is a great place to start. Still, you can always learn more about your business.