November 20, 2020

The 9 Best Video Hosting Platforms for Small Businesses

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Small businesses are increasingly focusing their efforts – and budgets – on their digital marketing strategies. For instance, investing heavily in online content has now become the industry’s status quo.

Brands have also optimized their social media channels, using these to raise awareness and engage with customers.

Unfortunately, though, a lot of small businesses continue to overlook the value of video marketing. They prefer to use influencers or Facebook, ignoring how videos are a great way to personally interact with their audience.


More importantly, videos can be a surefire way to go viral, getting the word out about your products and services without spending a ton of money.

How Do You Find The Best Video Hosting Platforms That Work For Your Specific Business?

However, creating videos takes a ton of time, effort, and skills, which is why small business owners are hesitant to make use of this strategy. But thanks to the internet, there are now several incredible video hosting platforms capable of generating spectacular content in a matter of minutes.

To add to that, they also have powerful tools that make for easy integration across all types of online channels. With this in mind, here are the nine best video hosting platforms to serve all your video marketing needs.

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This hosting platform gives you all the features and tools you need to take your video marketing to a whole new level. Its powerful advanced analytics gives actionable insight into consumer engagement, allowing you to customize their experience and personalize their interactions with your digital marketing campaigns.

It also has an intuitive and collaborative program, which means that the entire team can participate in the entire process of their content creation, from conceptualization to publication. Moreover, a 30-day free trial is offered to everyone, regardless of the size of their business or their long-term goals.

The biggest advantage of SproutVideo, though, is its excellent customer service. Each client is given a dedicated company representative, which streamlines your need for support and makes the process feel much more personal.

In terms of search engine optimization, this platform is undoubtedly at the top of their game. Additionally, it’s able to publish and share ad-free videos, which lends your brand a level of authenticity.

The value of this can’t be overstated and it goes without saying that this principle plays a critical role in the purchase behaviors of consumers today. 

SproutVideo Pricing Plans:
Seed Plan: $10 per month
Sprout Plan: $35 per month
Tree Plan: $75 per month
Forest Plan $295 per month


An intuitive video hosting platform, GrooveVideo makes for an excellent addition to any digital marketing strategy.

It has a slew of advanced analytics tools, allowing you to identify consumers based on their viewing behaviors. For instance, it can determine why an individual stopped watching a video or how long they stayed before hitting pause.

More importantly, their integrated email software means that these people can be tagged, causing your conversion rate to rise.

Besides these innovative features, GrooveVideo also enables you to easily embed videos onto your website and funnels. This means that you won’t run into any issues publishing content across all your active online platforms.

Combined with powerful split-testing tools and video settings, it’s easy to see why GrooveVideo is considered one of the best.


Its incredibly detailed analytics tools include heatmaps and engagement graphs, which is why Wistia is everyone’s preferred video hosting platform. 

Thanks to this data, gaining insight into how your viewers interact with your content is quick and easy. Without a doubt, this would allow you to effortlessly tweak your videos to make them better fit your target market.

A huge advantage to Wistia is the flexible pricing options that it offers, which small businesses would find appealing. It also offers both free and paid hosting plans, both of which allow an unlimited number of users.

Its biggest benefit, though, is how the platform is designed to make video marketing easy. Publishing and sharing content can be done within minutes of installation.

Wistia makes video hosting accessible to even the least technologically-savvy.


Boasting of traditional features like streaming and hosting, Vidalytics is a video hosting platform known for its powerful advanced analytics. In addition to segmented video data and conversion tracking, it also offers seamless video streaming.

A huge drawback to Vidalaytics, though, is the fact that it only has paid plans available, ranging from $25 to $129 per month. It does have a 14-day free trial for users interested in trying out the platform. However, the lack of a free plan can prove to be a turn-off for some business owners.

With all these tools at your fingertips, only real-time and actionable data about your content is provided for your perusal.

Vidalytics Pricing Plans:
Starter Plan: $25 per month
Pro Plan: $67 per month
Vid Master Plan: $129 per month
Enterprise Plan: By Quote


Launched in 2004, Vimeo was one of the very first video hosting sites on the market. It’s a mainstay among small business owners and creators, due to its easy social sharing integration and live streaming.

Moreover, its incredible video player can be customized according to your preferences, smoothly embedding itself on your website. It goes without saying that this is a huge advantage for business owners everywhere!

Perhaps the most enticing feature of Vimeo, though, is its dashboard, which gives easy access to its slew of digital tools. From adjusting background colors to giving it a more impressive finish, your videos will undoubtedly prove to be more engaging with viewers.

This video hosting platform’s various subscription plans are also an added benefit. A range of pricing strategies is available, which means that there’s one to suit the needs of every business owner.

For instance, their premium package would be the most ideal for those with intensive digital marketing needs and strategies.

Vimeo Pricing Plans:
Plus Plan: $7 per month
Pro Plan: $20 per month
Business Plan: $50 per month
Premium Plan: $75 per month

Swarmify SmartVideo

Straightforward and uncluttered, Swarmify is the preferred video hosting platform for business owners who want a simple solution for their digital marketing needs. It features a whole host of tools, including one that eliminates buffering and plays the footage in the highest quality possible.

It also has real-time advanced analytics, giving you insight into how viewers engage with your videos. For businesses who invest heavily in their online marketing strategies, this tool would undeniably be a massive advantage.

Naturally, it would help them create content tailored to their target market and allow them to figure out how to make their digital campaigns much more effective.

More importantly, Swarmify is perfect for those who use WordPress to host their website or blog. Since it can be installed with a simple plugin, embedding videos is a breeze and can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners also love the simple subscription packages that Swarmify has. Additionally, the program offers a 14-day free trial, so you can familiarize yourself with their tools and features before paying.

Plans start at just $19 per month and can hold up to 5,000 video views. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense approach to digital marketing, then Swarmify is the video hosting platform for you.

Swarmify Pricing Plans:
Starter Plan: $19 per month
Premium Plan: $49 per month
Pro Plan: $99 per month


In this day and age, video marketing is definitely an area that small businesses should invest heavily in. An effective and effortless way to reach their target market, it would also allow them to get the word out about their brand without having to spend too much money.

This is exactly what Vidyard aims to be – a one-stop-shop for all your video hosting needs and goals. In addition to its incredibly advanced analytics, the platform also features top-notch security features and powerful integration tools.

It even has a Chrome extension available, giving users immediate access to the wide variety of services the platform offers.

Its free plan is extremely appealing, giving users unlimited uploads, all of which can be easily shared across your active social media channels. To add to that, Vidyard also boasts of a powerful tracking tool, helping you understand the impact of your videos and digital market campaigns.

Thanks to this insight, gauging your audience’s interest and engagement comes without effort, giving you more time to focus on the actual development and creation of the content.

With all these different features, it’s clear that Vidyard is a video hosting site that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Vidyard Pricing Plans:
Pro Plan: $15 per month
Teams Plan: $300 per month
Business Plan: $1,250 per month
Enterprise Plan: By Quote


YouTube is arguably the most well-known – and the most commonly-used – video hosting platform out there. Its easy-to-use interface and compatibility with practically every single type of browser make them the default choice for many.

Additionally, the site’s reach is in the billions, which means that you can grow your brand organically and in a cost-effective way – if you do your marketing right, that is. YouTube videos are also given prime spots in Google’s search engine, allowing you to easily shoot to the top of the rankings.

YouTube has no existing pricing plans for uploading and hosting videos, which is another reason why it’s appealing to a lot of entrepreneurs. For those who want to dip their toes into video marketing, this platform should definitely be your first pick.

With its powerful social media reach, beginner-friendly user interface, and free plan, YouTube is undoubtedly the industry’s leading brand.

YouTube Pricing Plans:


Video marketing is a field that can be complicated to get into, particularly for business owners who aren’t familiar with how the Internet works these days. This is exactly why Biteable was launched.

A powerful video hosting platform, it allows users to easily create stunning content in minutes – no professional lighting or tools required.

Thanks to its massive library of stock footage clips and beautiful animations, you’ll be able to publish phenomenal and engaging videos on your lunch hour! This is definitely a huge help, reducing the need to hire an outside digital agency for your marketing needs.

With this platform, you can also create videos geared towards your social media channels. Whether it be an eye-catching Instagram Story or a long-form clip for your Facebook page, Biteable has it all.

With over hundreds of beautifully-designed templates, this is undeniably the ideal platform for business owners looking to expand their digital marketing strategies.

Biteable Pricing Plans:
Plus Plan: $19 per month
Ultimate Plan: $49 per month