October 29, 2020

The Best Video Creation Software for Small Business

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Videos can be amazing tools for business leaders who want to promote their business and raise their brand awareness.

It’s a good idea for businesses to be familiar with the best video creation software for small business, so they can create stellar videos for marketing and SEO purposes.  We at ScottHall.co have tested and tried many different types of video creation software and use a few different software, depending on our needs for that particular video.

So Which Are The Best Video Creation Software Options For You?

We've gone through and come up with the best video creation software that small businesses should use.

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VidYard is an easy-to-use free multi-track video editor. You can easily add music, images, and text as well as adjust them as needed to make the best videos. The free edition does has watermarks, and this app is only available for iOS devices. You also will have to pay more for certain features or other tools to make great videos.

Features found with VidYard include:

  • Add in overlays, sound effects, music, shapes, and masks
  • You can use music from your iTunes library
  • Awesome filters and other visual effects
  • The videos created with VidYard can be easily uploaded to Instagram without editing

You do have to pay to get rid of the watermark and upgrade your plan if you are looking for more advanced features. But, this is still a great free app that’s user-friendly and can get you started on making videos for your business.


Promo video is an excellent tool for making marketing videos for your business. The goal of this app is to help business create stellar marketing videos for social media platforms, in addition to helping its users create campaigns that boost engagement and increase your brand awareness.

You can use Promo as a web-based creator as well as for iOS and Android devices.

Important features of Promo include:

  • Extensive media library
  • Easy-to-use templates
  • Customizable branding
  • Animation capabilities

There is a free version that you can use, otherwise you could pay $29.00 monthly to unlock even more features on this video creation program for your business.


Lumen5 is an online video editor and creation tool that offers a lot of royalty-free media for its users to create stellar videos.

You can easily start creating your videos by selecting either their “Marketing Video” or “Caption Video”, each with their own benefits to creating videos for your business.

Marketing Video allows you to create videos for the specific platform you are posting them to (such as social media or your website) to help you create the best videos for your needs.

Some of the top features of Lumen5 include:

  • Voice-over capabilities
  • Ability to share over social media
  • Decent media library
  • Animation capabilities

There is a free tier, but it only allows you to post 3 videos every month with a watermark. There are 3 additional tiers for you to choose from: Starter, Premium, and Business. The starter tier is billed yearly and starts at $19 per month. You can also select a custom tier.


Vimeo is such a popular option because it’s a powerful video creation tool. You can create stories that truly represent your business with video, a tool that has over 90 million users across 150 countries.

You can host, sell, and share your videos when you create them using this platform. Businesses are also able to create great marketing videos to promote their business as well as for internal communications.

There are plenty of useful features when using Vimeo, including:

  • Easy-to-use templates
  • Video editing features
  • Access to a media library
  • Customizable branding

You can get a basic version of Vimeo for free, or you could pick one of their other tiers to pay for more features. These plans start at $7.00 monthly per user. You can also take advantage of a free trial from Vimeo to decide if it’s right for you.


Animoto is a web-based video maker and editor that has a drag and drop interface. With this option, you can get many different built-in templates that can make creating videos an effortless process.

You also have the ability to use either an iOS or Android device so that you can edit your videos, no matter where you are. You just need to insert your photos, video, and then you can work on the music and fonts to create a video that would proudly represent your business.

There are plenty of great features that you can enjoy, including:

  • Customization to make videos as unique as your business.
  • Different photo collage layouts
  • Various animated text effects
  • Decent library of licensed music

While this isn’t free software, you can try it for 14 days to determine if it works for your business. Premium plans can unlock various other features, such as adding a custom logo to videos and better access to the library of stock photos.


Powtoon offers video creation software that is really made to engage with the audience. This is an all-in-one platform that promises to be the solution to getting your audience to pay attention to your brand.

Powtoon is an incredibly easy-to-use tool for video creation, that doesn’t require a lot of technical skill to complete your projects.

Some of the great features offered by Powtoon include:

  • Hundreds of templates for videos
  • Customizable characters
  • Footage that is royalty-free
  • Pre-design animation

You can get the free version, but you will have to pay every month per user for some of the better features. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to spend the money, you can take advantage of the free trial that they offer.


One of the areas where Wave.Video excels is making videos for your social media. This is an online drag and drop editor that allows you to easily craft and edit amazing videos for your business.

You can easily adjust the settings to optimize these videos for your social media, which can be a difficult task for some people depending on the software that they have.

These are some of the best features from Wave.Video:

  • Can auto resize videos to over 30 different sizes
  • Access to an expansive library of royalty-free music and audio tracks (over 30,000)
  • Adding animated stickers
  • Library of free video clips and images

There is a free plan, where you can create up to 10 videos, exporting them with standard definition quality. These free videos can only be 2 minutes long. However, these videos will have a watermark on them.


Loom is a program that really excels at helping businesses improve their internal communication. This can also be a useful marketing tool when you use it to explain the features of your products and services to your customers.

Customers like these types of videos because it helps them better understand how you can offer them the solutions they need.

Key features of Loom include:

  • Video capture
  • Collaboration tools
  • Media library
  • Video editing

You can use Loom with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. There is a free version, with limited features. The pricing plans for the more advanced features start at $5 a month, per user.


InVideo is another web-based video editor that features drag and drop simplicity. Unlike some other great options, this video creation software also allows for multi-language support.

This software is made for businesses, with various templates that are essential for the daily operations of the business.

This software also allows you to import articles and turn any text into videos. You can easily and quickly make videos for your business.

Some important features you can get with InVideo include:

  • Automated voiceover
  • Access to a decent library of fonts/text styles, stickers, and stock images
  • Supports text and brand overlays

You can get a basic version of InVideo for free, but with premium plans, you can unlock some great features.

SoapBox (By Wistia)

Soapbox by Wistia is an extension for Chrome that allows you to record, edit, and share your videos.

One of the great things about this program is that you can record both your webcam and your screen to create the perfect presentations. This makes it so that you can have a split screen, both you and your presentation on screen during your video.

These are some key features from SoapBox by Wistia:

  • Transitions between screencast, webcam, and split-screen
  • Ability to track engagement, notifications, and conversions
  • Book meetings from your videos
  • Customize video pages with your company’s logo

There is a free plan, where you can create an unlimited number of videos and add a link at the end of your video as well as numerous other great features. For more advanced and useful features, you need to invest in one of their paid plans.


Vidnami allows you to create professional looking videos without needing any technical skills at all.

Simply use an existing script or blog post, add it and it chooses the images and adds the text to your slides automatically. Of course, you can change out any of these images or video clips using the huge library available.

They offer a free 14 day trial so that you can test them out. The trial allows you to create unlimited videos and you can use them even if you decide not to join.

  • Create professional looking videos
  • Easy to drop in your voiceover
  • 1000s of Royalty-free images, video footage and music to help you create
  • Many templates to choose from
  • User-friendly and perfect for beginners


Your business needs amazing video creation software as this can have so many uses for your business. You can create stunning marketing videos to engage your audience. You can create tutorials for your employees or your customers.

You can create catchy videos for your social media pages to attract attention and raise brand awareness.

Each of these options have their own benefits, but these tips can help you pick the best video creation software for your business.