January 11, 2021

The Best Reputation Marketing Software of 2022

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Digital reputation means a lot in these times, especially now that over 80% of customers trust what they see in online reviews like personal recommendations.

While the fact might be good news in a world where many businesses get online reviews, it is often difficult for many brands because they don't know how to manage their online reputation and are not even sure what a reputation score is.

Many brands don't have websites, and even when they do, the websites are not durable. They don't respond to Google reviews, claim their listings on local platforms, or even monitor where their brands get mentioned.

To achieve all these things with ease, you need reputation management software. Such tools are helpful to improve your business's online presence and build a unique brand.

This post discusses the best reputation management tools and rates them based on features, price, usability, user support, and other standards.

Before delving into software for reputation marketing and management, let us begin by defining Reputation management software.

What Is The Best Reputation Marketing Software?

Reputation marketing software are tools that help brands to achieve and improve positive online reputation. 

It is a fact that maintaining a positive reputation increases business sales, customer generation, and business growth.

All brand owners must engage in reputation marketing and management to ensure that they have a strong and profitable brand. It is stressful and almost impossible to have your eyes on all mentions your business gets online, including customer reviews across various channels.

Reputation marketing software has come to the rescue in this regard and help companies to handle issues.

Online management tools are relevant for gauging your online reputation and working towards improving it. You can also collect reviews online and via emails using some management tools. This process can be called software reputation marketing.

Many reputation management platforms also have social media monitoring features that monitor mentions, posts, and discussions on social media.

The tools also leverage the information they generate to form actionable steps and details that your reputation marketing team can explore to boost your positive reputation. The findings will also help you to take proactive steps to handle bad reviews.

Summarily, reputation management software assists businesses to achieve a positive customer experience and protect their brand from reputation damages of any form.

What Features Should You Look For in Reputation Marketing Software?

When choosing reputation management software, be sure that you look for these relevant features.

Data Analytics

Any reputation marketing software should have data analytics features to measure your brand mentions, engagement, reach, etc. The feature should also allow you to use your location, keywords, and demographics to monitor your brand reputation.

After analysis, it should produce data that helps to gauge your competitors and their performance. It should also make insights available through feedback collation and customized reports.

Multiple-Response System

If you have several platforms for your business, it can be burdensome to respond to messages across all platforms. Hence, it is vital to look for a tool that helps you reply to multiple messages across several platforms via several means.

Real-Time Monitoring

The earlier you respond to a customer's question or negative reviews on your page, the more chances you have to make them happy. Delay is dangerous when it comes to negative feedback about your business.

Your business needs a reputation management tool that can monitor your comments on social media, forums, and online review platforms and report them immediately they take place.

Review Tracking Feature

You need to monitor all reviews your customers leave across several business review platforms.

Ensure that the reputation tool you use doesn't take long to direct your business reviews from all third-party platforms to your dashboard. You need to see and respond to customer feedback as soon as possible, in case you need to correct issues.

Sentiment Analysis

This feature can give you an idea of your customers' sentiments who make posts and comments about your business on social media.

While leveraging this feature, you can tell whether people feel positive, negative, or neutral about your business, products, and services.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The reputation management tool you choose should have a user-friendly dashboard that helps you to access all relevant details and information from a single place. The best dashboards support review or comment tracking, report generation, project creation, etc. from one dashboard.

Now that we have defined reputation management software and the most essential features to look for, let us begin discussing the best reputation management software.

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Birdeye Rep

According to our rating, Birdeye is the best reputation management software.

This review and reputation management software helps brands to communicate with their customers, get reviews from their customers, and achieve lead conversion.

Birdeye offers you a messaging platform where your team can reach your leads, communicate through bulk messaging, SMS, live chat, etc.

With Birdeye, you can offer multiple services based on your business goals.

Some of the business goals you can achieve with Birdeye include:

  • Having an online presence 
  • Improving customer reviews for your business
  • Boosting customer and business interaction
  • Receiving referrals from customers 
  • Achieving lead capturing

Birdeye offers services like online surveys, webchat, ticketing, business listings, customer insights, etc.

With Birdeye, you can receive customer reviews straight to your website, get feedback in real-time, and conduct surveys.

Because it is integrated with Google, every review you get is registered on Google immediately. The software also leads your customers to leave feedback about your products and services on prominent review websites. Furthermore, you can view all your reviews via their dashboard.

Referrals are easy with Birdeye because the software creates referral links that your customers can share with friends. The general dashboard it supports also helps you to keep track of leads, clicks, shares, and referrals.

You can also monitor your conversations from the same all-in-one dashboard where you view emails, Webchat, and Facebook messages.

These are some communication and messaging services that Birdeye supports: 

  • Chatbot: Birdeye has an in-built chatbot that answers questions automatically. The chatbot is named Robin.
  • Bulk Texts: You can send mass messages to your customers or create customized templates for several groups of customers.
  • Receptionist: You can take calls without going to the phone. This feature also changes voicemails to text so that you can handle your customer faster.
  • Birdeye has three pricing packages, including Premium, Professional, and Standard.


Reputation.com is the best tool for local brands to target niche audiences.

reputation .com

It offers reputation management solutions that help you to get found, selected, and endorsed by customers. The software handles your interactions with customers, takes charge of your brand reputation, and improves web ranking using your customer feedback. It uses this feedback to improve your products and services.

Here are some services Reputation.com offers:

  • Requests feedback and conduct surveys
  • Handles business listing on Google, Facebook, and other platforms
  • Handles and updates location information, while working with local directories
  • Monitors all conversations happening with, and about your brand on social media.
  • Monitors and manages all your customer reviews on Facebook, Google, and other review platforms from a general dashboard.

Reputation.com works in integration with your social media sites, customer relationship management software, search directories, review platform, etc.

Reputation.com is touted to boost page visits and clicks by 70%.

It is unclear what pricing plans are available for this software, so you need to get in touch with their team for details.


Yext is the best software for monitoring customer vs brand interactions.

yext reputation site

This reputation management software has New York as its base, and it assists with an online brand and reputation management. You can access a cloud-based network consisting of search engines, applications, brand updates, etc.

Yext also synchronizes your business details across over 150 directories, including Google Map, Yahoo, Apple Siri, and Yelp. You can monitor all the interactions concerning your brand and business on the internet.

This platform has a feature called Knowledge Graph that helps you to list and display information about your brand. You can provide answers to customer questions, and offer products. You can also set up your business location, documents, and credentials, etc.

You can keep track of information concerning your business location and synchronize it across every website and platform. You can also synchronize website content, address, phone number, business wallet content, coupons, etc.

Yext also offers solutions like:

  • Review Management: It monitors all customer reviews about your product and service and engages them to improve customer experience. 
  • Yext Pages: With this feature, your marketing team will handle your landing pages and offer answers concerning your business.
  • Analytic features: You can monitor customer interactions with your brand. This feature helps you to observe details like conversions, clicks, and brand impressions.
  • Industry Benchmark feature: You can monitor the performance of your products across several locations.

Yext improves your business's lead generation capacity through the provision of relevant and essential information concerning your business.

Yext dashboards also integrate well with other tools you need for your business, including Zendesk, Domo, Tableau, HubSpot, etc. You can also sync all your business tasks in a single dashboard.

Yext has four pricing plans for businesses

The first 'Emerging' pricing plan costs $4 weekly, the second 'Essential' plan costs $9 weekly, and the third 'Complete' plan costs $10 weekly. The final pricing plan is the 'Premium' plan that goes at $19 weekly.

If you want to purchase plans for multiple locations, contact their sales team to get a unique quote for your business.


Brand24 ranks as the best software for social media monitoring

brand24 reputation site

This reputation management tool helps you to monitor your social media, track competition, and boost your online reputation.

Brand24 comes with an automated sentiment analysis system that helps you to determine how many negatives, neutral, and positive mentions your business gets.

The feature also sends you an automatic notification anytime your brand or product gets negative mentions. When you get notified, you can immediately respond to the dissatisfied customer and solve his/her issue.

You can also monitor and engage every online review, social media mention, blog post, or message concerning your brand. You can boost communication and customer satisfaction with this feature.

Brand24 also helps you measure your marketing efforts and monitor the number of likes, shares, and comments you get on social media. You will also get daily or weekly automated reports that you can change to Excel or PDF files.

The software comes with an inbuilt hashtag tracker that helps you to monitor all hashtags related to your business across several platforms. You can also measure the reach of your social media campaign, and how many times people use your hashtag.

Brand 24 can be integrated with Slack, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

The tool offers three pricing plans, including the plus package, which costs a monthly fee of $49. It tracks up to five thousand monthly mentions.

The premium pricing plan costs $99 monthly and can track up to one hundred thousand mentions monthly.

The max package costs $199 monthly and tracks two hundred and fifty monthly mentions.

Any plan you opt for comes with social media, newsletter, and podcast monitoring, sentiment analysis, mobile application, Slack integration, etc.


This software is best for large and medium-sized enterprises.

brandwatch rep

It is an online consumer intelligence platform that helps businesses to monitor projects and reputation management.

Brandwatch helps you to monitor brand mentions, competitors, and follow customer trends. It uses Artificial Intelligence-based features to find all comments, conversations, and posts related to your brand and products. It will also categorize all conversations based on their nature into opinions, feedbacks, complaints, etc.

Brandwatch provides real-time reports, alerts, and insights that you can share with your team. This report helps you correct negative comments, respond to questions, and safeguard your online brand reputation.

Brandwatch also assists in data analysis, such as surveys, online interactions, and behaviors. It will create in-depth reports that you can share using its API or PDF, Excel, PPT, etc.

Brandwatch also carries out analysis on images related to your business. It will screen logos, objects, and actions related to that image.

To know the pricing details for Brandwatch, you need to contact the sales team.


Mention is the overall best tool for monitoring social media mentions.

mention rep

Mention is a social media management and monitoring tool that assists you in monitoring audience actions and interactions and manage your social media.

You can monitor multiple online sources with mention, including blogs, forum discussions, articles, and reviews. You can also analyze social media site data like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see what people are saying about your brand.

Mention allows you to carry out advanced keyword research that enables you to see mentions related to your brand. You can search for these keywords based on country, language, source, etc.

This management platform gives you a daily recap comprising all essential details concerning your brand mentions, emails, and major mentions. You can also place your mentions in categories, including unread, priority, favorite, etc.

Mention also offers you a detailed report and a dashboard that helps you to understand data and trends concerning your brand. You can share the reports you receive with your team, or schedule these reports to come directly into your mailbox.

The management software also helps you to create, schedule, and publish brand content across several platforms at the same time. You can also explore its multiple channel calendar that helps you to organize and prepare content for many platforms.

With mention, you can monitor competing brands, their mentions on social media, blogs, and other forum discussions.

Mention has four pricing options. The solo option costs $25 monthly, the Pro plan costs a monthly fee of $83, and the ProPlus costs $167 per month. You can also get the Company plan at $450 and above every month.

Mention also has a Freemium version that is free for one user, 3 social media accounts, and 1000 mentions. You can also get options for countless social media accounts, over 100, 000 mentions, and 10 advance-nature alerts.

Any plan you choose comes with a 14-day trial.


Reputology is unmatched for monitoring and analyzing online reviews.

reputology rep site

This review management and analysis software help you analyze and respond to online brand reviews across several platforms like Google, Facebook, and app directories.

You can also track all reviews related to your business, products, locations, and services from one dashboard 24/7.

Reputology will send you an email notification immediately when a customer asks a question or leaves a review concerning your brand. You can address your customer's message in real-time from the Reputology interface without having to visit the platform where they dropped the review or question.

Reputology has a semantic analysis technology that compiles and analyzes information from your feedback and produces actionable information from them.

You can create online surveys and hear from your customers, then analyze them using charts, graphs, and scorecards.

Reputology has three pricing packages, including the Professional package that costs $60 per seat monthly. Its Agency pricing plan costs $40 for each seat per month, while its Partner package costs $25 per seat monthly.

No matter the plan you opt for, you can access a 14-day free trial, access countless review sites, send 100 review requests via email for every seat, etc.


You can take control and manage your reputation with one simple tool that will enable you to track conversations and mentions about your online business. 


Bad reviews tend to be like a nasty virus, spreading online causing your potential customers to stay away and search instead for competitors.

The bad thing is that you don't even realize what's happening until the damage is done.

If you could see what people are saying right away, you can respond to them before it's too late.  If your customer isn't satisfied with your company, communicating and responding in a professional manner can turn things around creating positive feedback and happy customers.

Repwarn monitors keywords that you specify so you know what your customers are saying about your brand, product, and personnel and you can even monitor your competition.

It could be a comment someone leaves on your blog or an angry tweet on Twitter, you will immediately know when these tracked keywords are mentioned. 

How to Use Reputation Marketing Software

We will use Brand24 for our demonstration to help you understand how to use the features in reputation management software.

1. The first step is to create a project

Sign in to your account, input your brand name, and enter the keywords you want to monitor. 

Brand24: Enter Keyword

You can include social media profile links as well. Also, add search names, product names, related hashtags, and every other detail pertaining to your brand.

Choose your preferred language, and then choose 'Create Project.'

Brand24: Create project

2. 'Reputation Tracking' is the next step

Use data selection filters to track the things that matter most to your business.

You can filter keywords, sentiment details, and domain filters. You can also place all the necessary information into one report.

Brand24: Sentiment Filter

3. Monitor Potential Customers

Track every search query concerning your services or products to help you understand your brand's market potential. Enter a keyword into your search bar on the dashboard to track key phrases.

Brand24: Search Term

 These phrases can include your product name, who will recommend, or where can I buy?

Your search will bring about results like what we see below.

Brand24: track your potential

4. Report Generation is number four

It is beyond cumbersome to consume all the data you generate from every platform. It is crucial to select all relevant information and report them properly.

Projects and filters help you to separate relevant data from irrelevant.

Brand24, for example, sends email reports, PDF reports, and infographic reports. You can select what report option you prefer on the left-end of your dashboard.

If you opt for a PDF report, you will get this.

Brand24: PDF Reports

After selecting, click on Generate report and download your report.

5. Competitor Data Analysis Feature

As you track your brand details, you can also monitor competing companies, discover their brand details, marketing endeavors, and customer reviews.

With the five steps discussed above, you will find it easier to operate a reputation management tool, get the relevant date, and create relevant reports for your marketing team.

Final Thoughts and Analysis

This review covered the best reputation management software available, which you can leverage for your business.

Business success these days has a lot to do with offering the best customer support to attract customers towards your business.

No matter how great your product is, customer perception of your brand, customer reviews, and sentiments go a long way to promote sales.

Research shows that over 90% of millennial customers believe online reviews the way they believe information from family and friends. It is crucial, therefore, to monitor customer satisfaction, generate positive reviews, and respond timely to negative reviews.

It is great that we have reputation management software to assist in managing all areas of your online reputation.

If you want to monitor social media conversations about your brand, Brand24, Reputation.com, or Mention are your best options.

Reputology is your best option if you want to track your product reviews across all online platforms.

If you need a platform that handles all your reputation management needs, Birdeye is an all-encompassing tool that can work for your business page, customer reviews, business listings, referrals, etc.

Finally, it is up to you to make a choice based on the reputation management software that suits your business needs.