October 20

11 Free SEO Tools for Small Business Owners

Running a small business isn't easy. As an owner, you wear many hats and manage countless responsibilities. On top of that, you need to devote time and effort to marketing your business so potential customers can actually find you.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO helps people discover your business organically through Google and other search engines. However, most small business owners don't have huge marketing budgets to spend on expensive SEO software or agencies.

The good news is that plenty of free SEO tools are available to help you optimize your website and content without emptying your wallet.

I’ve compiled the ten best free SEO tools for small business owners on a budget. These are some of my favorite tools that I have used for years to help me grow my business.

I'll discuss how these comprehensive SEO tools can provide valuable insights to improve your SEO and online visibility because growing your business starts with getting found.

Google Search Console

Starting out strong, we have Google Search Console. I know it's not the most exciting name. But don't let that fool you. This free tool from the Big G itself provides incredibly valuable insights into how Google views and interacts with your website.

By connecting Search Console to your site, you'll unlock data to help optimize your SEO, including:

  • Which pages Google is crawling and indexing from your site
  • How your site content is performing for important keywords
  • Manual actions or algorithmic penalties impacting your pages
  • Crawl errors that may be preventing Google from accessing your site

In other words, Search Console gives you insider access to how Google views your website. It provides helpful diagnostics to see what's going well and what needs work.

With these free insights, you can focus your SEO efforts on the most important issues for becoming discoverable. There's no guesswork involved. Google directly tells you what they see as strengths and weaknesses on your site. Pretty cool, right?

Think of it as your free search analytics advisor. By listening to the data Search Console provides you'll better understand what you need to do to get found by potential customers.

It helps take the mystery out of SEO. And every small business should take advantage of its free expertise. Don't leave these powerful insights from Google on the table.

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Google Analytics

Up next, we have Google Analytics, specifically the free core version. While paid versions exist, their free analytics tool still provides tremendous insights for small businesses looking to understand their website traffic and audience better.

Some of its main features are:

  • Provides powerful insights into website traffic and visitor behavior
  • Track number of visitors, geo-location, the technology used, and referral sources
  • Identify your most popular content and conversion funnels
  • Integrates with Google Search Console for additional insights
  • Free basic version is robust enough for most small business needs

With the free tool, you can unlock data like:

  • Traffic sources that allow you to see direct visits, organic search, social media referrals etc.
  • Visitor locations so you can understand your geographic reach
  • Discover which pages and sections attract the most visitors
  • Monitor goals to optimize paths

The paid version offer more advanced features like custom funnels, predictive analytics, anomaly detection and more. However, the free core Analytics provides more than enough robust data for most small business needs.

Think of the free tool as your website's traffic command center. It delivers the intel you need to identify your best-performing keywords and traffic sources, driving qualified visitors. These insights inform your SEO efforts by pointing to what's working well.


Let's talk about MozBar - the free browser extension from the SEO pros at Moz. Don't let the techie name turn you off. This SEO toolbar packs some seriously helpful SEO insights.

Just by surfing the web, MozBar reveals valuable data about whatever page you're on, like:

  • Page Authority metrics - Grades pages for optimization needs
  • Domain Authority metrics - Grades overall domains to evaluate competitors
  • Link metrics - Uncovers total links pointing to a page
  • Keyword tracking - Shows keywords and rankings for top SEO results

Think of MozBar as your built-in SEO expert, providing free analysis as you browse various sites. It helps you:

  • Gather competitive intelligence to outrank other businesses
  • Identify SEO optimization opportunities for your own site
  • Benchmark your domain authority against competitors

Install MozBar across Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and instantly start unlocking free SEO insights. It takes just seconds to set up but provides long-term benefits for strengthening your search optimization efforts.

Google Keyword Planner

Now, let's dive into Google's free Keyword Planner. Choosing the right keywords to target is crucial for SEO success. Although you have to enter credit card information to get started, you do not need to spend anything to start a campaign.

This is one of the best keyword research tools you can use to make informed decisions and use to get fresh content ideas for blog posts.

With Keyword Planner, you can:

  • Get keyword suggestions related to your business
  • See monthly search volume estimates to identify high-value terms
  • Filter keywords by location to optimize for local audiences
  • Isolate keywords by language for targeting needs
  • View search trend data to inform your priorities

Keyword Planner's data points are invaluable for honing your SEO content and keyword targeting. It helps answer questions like:

  • What are the most relevant keywords to focus on?
  • Which terms will drive qualified traffic at scale?
  • How should I tailor keywords for local or language needs?
  • How are search volumes changing over time?

Armed with these free insights, you can develop an informed keyword strategy that aligns with your business goals. Keyword research is a fundamental SEO task. Use Google's free tool to do it right.

Yoast SEO

If your small business uses WordPress, then meet your new best friend - the free Yoast SEO plugin. This popular tool takes the headaches out of technical SEO, making it easy to optimize your site.

Yoast automatically handles important optimization elements like:

  • Page titles and meta descriptions - Generates search-friendly tags
  • Real-time content analysis - Provides feedback to improve pages
  • Sitemaps and robots.txt - Helps Google index your site faster
  • Google Search Console integration - Pulls in crawl errors

In other words, Yoast gives you an SEO toolkit right within your WordPress dashboard. It provides real-time guidance to help strengthen your on-page optimization for search engines.

The free version offers robust features to boost your WordPress site's technical SEO. And the premium version provides even more advanced capabilities.

But for most small businesses, the free Yoast SEO plugin is a must-have tool for simplifying search optimization. Let it handle the technical SEO while you focus on quality content and user experience.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Don't let the creepy-crawly name turn you off. Screaming Frog is an extremely versatile free SEO tool that audits your on-page optimization.

As a website crawler, Screaming Frog provides valuable diagnostics by analyzing things such as:

  • Indexing issues - detects problems for search engine crawlers
  • Duplicate content - identifies thin or copied content hurting SEO
  • Page speed - provides optimization insights
  • HTML improvements - finds missing page titles, metadata, etc
  • Broken links - uncovers 404 errors and other technical problems

For small websites, Screaming Frog delivers robust SEO auditing without cost. The easy-to-use interface makes it accessible for beginners but powerful enough for experts.

Think of Screaming Frog as free reconnaissance to uncover both on-site SEO wins and areas needing improvement. Its actionable reports illuminate how to better optimize pages for search ranking success.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Website speed is a crucial ranking factor Google cares about. Their free PageSpeed Insights tool provides valuable diagnostics to help improve performance.

It analyzes your site and generates feedback like:

  • Page speed scores - Metrics for how your pages currently perform
  • Optimization checks - Flags specific elements slowing you down
  • Improvement opportunities - Suggests fixes to increase speed
  • Mobile/desktop insights - Tests all devices

With PageSpeed Insights, Google gives you the inside scoop on enhancing website speed for better SEO. Its tailored tips help you:

  • Diagnose speed optimization needs
  • Prioritize key issues to address
  • Take actionable steps based on Google's own algorithms

Don't leave easy SEO wins on the table. Leverage Google's free speed testing and recommendations to supercharge your site's performance. Those speed gains can translate into higher search rankings.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile search continues to grow exponentially. That's why Google created a free Mobile-Friendly test tool. It analyzes your website to identify issues impacting mobile user experience.

The tool checks elements like:

  • Small text: Flags hard-to-read copy on phones
  • Tap targets: Finds links/buttons that are tricky to tap
  • Viewport configuration: Checks it's set up for mobile devices
  • Navigation: Assesses if menus work on mobile

Google then provides tips to address these mobile UX problems. Optimizing for mobile-friendliness has tangible SEO benefits. But more importantly, it ensures your content is accessible to all users on every device.

So don't strike out on mobile visitors. Leverage Google's free mobile-friendly checker to identify areas your website needs work. Then, use their guidance to improve mobile speed and usability - your visitors will thank you.

Google Rich Results Test

Now let's explore Google's free Rich Results testing tool. This helps you unlock enhanced search appearances through structured data markup.

Specifically, the tool allows you to:

  • Check markup for errors and validate your existing structured data
  • Preview rich result appearance so you can see how markup displays in Google
  • Test various schema types such as, LocalBusiness, Events, Jobs, and more
  • Get fix suggestions so you can get solutions for any markup errors

Adding schema markup enables your business to stand out with rich results like star ratings, images, and more detailed information in Google search.

Structured data directly helps you:

  • Improve click-through rates which mean your enhanced results get more attention
  • Increase visibility because rich results occupy more real estate
  • Validate your optimization so you can ensure markup is configured correctly

Put your best foot forward in the search results. Leverage Google's free structured data tester to implement markup that unlocks richer, more eye-catching SEO results.

google trends free seo tool

Google Trends

We can't talk about free SEO tools without mentioning Google Trends. This free service provides valuable keyword research insights by analyzing search trends.

Google Trends allows you to:

  • Compare search volume patterns for terms you input
  • See related keywords and topics gaining or declining in popularity
  • Filter trends by location, time period, and other filters
  • Identify seasonal or event-driven changes in search behavior

In other words, Google Trends helps answer questions like:

  • How are search volumes for my target keywords changing?
  • What new related keywords should I consider targeting?
  • How do trends differ by country/region?
  • When do users search for certain keywords?

These search trend insights complement tools like Keyword Planner by showing you momentum and patterns. The data can reveal emerging opportunities to capitalize on through SEO.

Keep a pulse on what users are searching for with Google's free trend tool. Let it inform your keyword strategy and content planning for better search visibility over time.

Google Business Profile

Trying to get found locally? Google Business Profile (formally known as Google My Business) is your new best friend. This free tool lets you control how your business shows up on Google, including Maps, Search, and the Assistant.

With a complete profile, you can give customers the answers they need, like:

  • Where are you located?
  • What are your hours?
  • What's your phone number?
  • What do people say about you?
  • What awesome photos/videos showcase your business?
  • And so much more...

Think of your profile as a mini website on Google where customers connect with your brand.

The best part? The more information you add, the more visible you become in local search results. That means more eyes on your business when it matters most - when users are actively searching.

Don't neglect your Google Business Profile. Keep it updated and engaging as your online local storefront. This free tool has a range of features that can help you attract attention, drive foot traffic, and boost SEO visibility right in your hometown. Your customers are searching, so let Google direct them straight to your front door.


Last but not least, we have SEMrush. Now this is primarily a paid SEO platform. However they do offer a range of free tools that provide a taste of their robust capabilities.

With a free SEMrush account, you can access:

  • Keyword research and get search volume data for a limited number of terms
  • Rank tracking to monitor positions for a few key keywords
  • Site audits allow you to crawl a small number of pages for technical SEO
  • Competitor research can analyze a few rival websites

While the capabilities are restricted compared to paid plans, the free account allows you to sample SEMrush's powerful toolkit.

Think of it as dipping your toes in the water before diving into the deep end. The free tools give you:

  • Keyword research insights
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Technical/on-page auditing
  • And more...

If you find the free account beneficial for your SEO, consider upgrading later to unlock the full suite of capabilities, such as determining keyword difficulty, finding exact search volumes and many other vital SEO metrics. But the free SEMrush version brings tangible SEO benefits on its own.

SEO tools for small business owners that are free

Start Using These Free SEO Tools for Small Business Owners Today

The cost of SEO tools doesn't have to drain your small business budget. This article has covered 11 free yet powerful small business SEO tools to help drive more organic traffic to your website.

While paid options provide more robust features, these handy SEO tools form a strong technical foundation for doing SEO right. Each helpful tool plays an important, specialized role.

Google Search Console acts as your insider look into how Google views your site. Analytics uncovers visitor trends and behaviors. MozBar adds instant page analysis as you surf the web. Keyword Planner informs keyword selection. Yoast SEO optimizes WordPress sites.

Screaming Frog audits technical issues. PageSpeed Insights evaluates website speed. The Mobile-Friendly Test checks mobile optimization. The Rich Results Test validates markup. And SEMrush offers free samples of its paid SEO suite.

Used together, these free tools provide tremendous SEO benefits, from auditing to keyword research to technical optimizations. They take the guesswork out of search optimization by giving you data-driven insights. Most importantly, they focus your efforts on the SEO tactics that directly impact results.

Growing an online presence takes work. But it doesn't have to drain your bank account thanks to these free professional-grade tools.

Use them to start driving more qualified traffic to your small business website. Don't leave the power of search optimization untapped - your potential customers are searching, so help them find you.