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Scale your Business Digitally
Software. Content. Currency.

Small businesses face an uphill battle. Most are simply being left behind in achieving digital success. Due to Covid, it's even more of an uphill battle and we can help...

Whether you crunch numbers, make a service call, don a lab coat, write code or work at home in your Lululemon's, let us show you the best ways to catch up to the shift that's only accelerating in the 2020s.

Don't be left behind...get up to speed to get ahead!

Kickstart your efforts with my FREE 10-DAY EMAIL COURSE that shows you how to CREATE CONTENT THAT DRIVES TRAFFIC & CONVERTS .


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Increase Revenue

Your target customers EXPECT this
type of messaging. By inserting it
into their digital journey, you're
one step closer to your lead, transaction
or branding event.

Get Your Message Heard

73% of Buyers use Omnichannel
(Google, Social, Video) to make
their purchase decision. AND,
your message needs consistency
across mobile, desktop, tablet.

Create Engaging Content

Define value for your customers,
and then 'write it for them, NOT
you.' Does your content trigger a
response (positive) from them?

Latest Reviews and News

Keep up with the latest software reviews to keep your small business in the loop.

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About Scott...

I write about digital content marketing and SaaS scaling platforms for entrepreneurs and small business, in addition to managing enterprise software (Search/AI/ML) accounts in the finserv sector. As a content marketer and search engine expert, my book on social media 'The Blog Ahead' was published in 2006.

I previously co-founded a search engine firm powering multimedia insight results for Fortune 500 companies including Disney, the NYTimes Digital and IAC. Although I'm based in New York, NY, you can follow my digital marketing content on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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Heard On The Street...

Brian Anderson

CEO, Media Mash

"Scott's connections in the media and execution in technology make him the 'Go To' expert in content marketing and search. For any business needing an edge in their online visibility and conversion (traffic and sales), I highly recommend him."

Marc Schulman

CEO at Advocate Consulting Group, LLC

"When I met Scott Hall, I had no idea the type of impact he'd have on our firm. We've now used him in two more ventures where 'In-Quarter' turnarounds in terms of Digital ROI were realized. Bring him in as your Digital Marketing Capitalist!"